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2015 Plans

Strategies & Projects

How are MDN products prioritized?

What's up with the surveys we run on MDN?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We will contribute to the Mozilla KPI by creating and enhancing relationships with developers. We currently have relationships with 3.4 million developers. We will create deeper relationships by creating developer web services and expand the number of quality relationships through learning activities, events, and strategic content work.

Our topline goal for 2015 that contributes to Mozilla’s organizational KPI is 4 million monthly MDN users with deeper relationships with our core participants.

We have specific goals that will help us drive that top level goal and will measure quality. By the end of 2015, we will target 3 levels of web (including mobile) developer:

  • Developers using web technologies
    • 4M monthly MDN users
      • Q1: 3.6M users
      • Q2: 3.7M users; 50K Learning Area users
      • Q3: 3.8M users; 160K Learning Area users; 3K social shares
      • Q4: 4M users; 320K Learning Area users
  • Developers deepening their use of web technology
    • 22,000 MDN Premium services accounts
      • Q1: 100 Alpha accounts
      • Q2: 1000 Beta accounts
      • Q3: 5000 Invite accounts
      • Q4: 22K accounts
    • 600 event attendees
      • Q1: 3 commitments from major sponsors
      • Q2: 100K social media mentions; 50 pre-registrations; 3 sponsors closed
      • Q3: 1 tier of sold-out tickets; 3M social media mentions; 5 sponsors total closed
      • Q4: 400 non-Mozillian attendees; 10M social media mentions; 7 total sponsors (minimum)
  • Developers aligned with Mozilla’s mission
    • 100 lead web developers working with MDN and Mozilla
    • 1100 MDN contributors (per month)
      • Q1: 900 MDN; 50 Learning Area
      • Q2: 950 MDN; 100 Learning Area
      • Q3: 1050 MDN; 150 Learning Area
      • Q4: 1100 MDN; 200 Learning Area

Quarterly Deliverables