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2015 Q2 Deliverables

Grow & Maintain: MDN Content

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) Keep percentage and total number of "dev-doc-needed" bugs flat or lower over the quarter, for priority content areas MDN Content Team
(Completed) Mentor members of Tech Speakers pilot program in creating Content Kits Janet Swisher

Grow & Maintain: Fellowship Program

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) Admit 5 Qualified MDN Fellows Diane Tate
(On track) Run a successful onboarding Orientation with MDN Fellows & Mentors Diane Tate

Grow & Maintain: Community

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) Implement Social Media Plan (one tweet per day) Janet Swisher
(On track) Define and implement pilot of OneAndDone for MDN tasks Janet Swisher

Developer Event

Status Deliverable Name