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MDN has started to be a target for SPAM. This page record and track the initiative we are making to fight SPAM in order to keep MDN friendly and relevant.

NOTE: Because this is a sensitive problem, many of the documents listed here are restricted to Mozilla employees only. We try to be as open as possible but we need to be in a safer environnement to open everything.

Project organization

Even if it's an ongoing issue, it is managed as a regular project in order to be able to address short term, medium term and long term solutions.

People in charge (RACI)

  • Accountable stack holders are:
    • Ali Spivak (Head of Developer Marketing, MDN product owner)
    • Benjamin Sternthal (Head of the Marketing Web Developers team)
  • Responsible people are:
    • Kadir Topal: Project lead
    • John Whitlock: Dev lead
  • Consulted people are: All members of the MDN Spam Watch mailing list.
  • Informed people are all MDN contributors

Because of the intensity of SPAM, MDN had to turn off account creation. As long as we aren't able to turn on account creation back, the decision process is shorten (meaning no public discussion) and John and Jeremie are doing crisis management, taking all relevant decisions on a daily basis. As soon as account creation is safely turned on, the project management will resume to a traditional open and agile process.

Want to help?

You are more than welcome. If you have any idea to help fighting SPAM, please fill out that form:

You are also welcome to reach out to Jeremie and John.

Problem analysis

Kuma Development

Main tracking bug: MDNSpam

Anti-spam strategy

The whole strategy is defined in our core anti-spam strategy design

Anti-spam tools and companies

In order to help to spam fight we do some research about possible third party tools or companies that could help us.

  • Anti-spam tools
    • The market is clearly driven by two leaders: Akismet and Mollom. It exists other solutions but they are limited or restricted in terms of technologies however they worth checking.
  • Anti-spam companies
    • UGC moderation is serious business and many companies provide human resources to deal with that. The only major issue with that solution is that pricing is unknown as companies does not provide any clear information in that area. It's a case by case business which will require a deeper business involvement if we want to go that way.

User Generated Content strategy

The current UGC strategy for MDN is to let everybody editing and creating new content on MDN without any special constrain. The current level of SPAM we are facing force us to reconsider that strategy to something a little bit more less open, at least for new contributors.

Editor onboarding pathway (Draft WIP)

Our objective is to define and implement that new pathway by end of 2017.