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Marketing Collective

Sign-up form
Just looking for the sign-up form? Look no further, here it is. If you are not familiar with the program yet, please be sure to read the information below before applying.

What is the Marketing Collective?


The Marketing Collective is a task force coordinated by the Engagement team bringing together all mozillians interested in marketing Mozilla products and brands to the consumer audience. It is a framework for participation and collaboration.

The program creates a more cohesive team and gives volunteers the tools and support to make their ideas a reality. At the same time, the Marketing Collective aims to grow the engagement team and make Mozilla's campaigns and initiatives more relevant globally.

In a nutshell, the members of the Marketing Collective will:

  • provide local guidance, market intelligence and help protect the fox
  • help paid staff with existing projects in their country
  • conceive / roll-out their own regional initiatives
  • participate in the team's life

Who is the program intended to?

Members of the Collective join force with the Mozilla Engagement team to deepen local participation in the Mozilla project and drive marketing programs reaching millions of Firefox and non-Firefox users in their country. They are the eyes and ears of Mozilla in their country, passionate about the people and the web, possess excellent writing and communications skills as well a demonstrated interest for all things marketing. They are aware of trends and habits in their local markets. Above all, their are enthusiast and are willing to roll-up their sleeves!

Objectives of the program

The objectives of the program are threefold:

  • Enable easy community participation in our marketing activities
  • Increase the reach of Mozilla's engagement initiatives
  • Be more relevant on local markets and cultures

Why become a member of the Marketing Collective?

  • Join the team and help shape Mozilla marketing in your country
  • Learn new skills, gain experience doing so
  • Reach out to an audience of millions of people
  • Fun, rewards and travels