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What is the Marketing Collective?

We're rethinking how we all work together - Engagement staff and marketing volunteers. We want to create a more cohesive team and give you the tools and support to make your ideas a reality. At the same time, the Marketing Collective aims to grow the engagement team and make our campaigns and initiatives more relevant globally.

Why launching this initiative?

We always tried to have contributors helping to spread Firefox and Mozilla. As we were growing some problems started to appear. It was confusing and hard to get campaigns off the ground, it got more complex and harder to get involved, we had a myriad of channels to communicate between us, efforts were fairly easy around launches (how to get funding for an idea, how to participate, call for new ideas) but without big launches there really hasn't been a clear path on how to participate, etc. While the marketing team has grown, the number of people interfacing with and supporting marketing volunteers has not. Marketing Collective will be designed to help put volunteers in touch with the right people to:

  • participate in our engagement campaigns and activities to increase their reach
  • get help and launch their own engagement projects and be more relevant on local markets and cultures.

How is the Marketing Collective different from a REMO SIG?

The Marketing Collective is neither a SIG, nor a part of REMO. Two key differences are:

  • eligibility: you don't have to be a Rep, or even an existing contributor to join the Marketing Collective. The collective is open to to a larger number of participants, and not restricted to Reps.
  • scope: the collective's mandate is broader than that of a typical SIG and isn't restricted to contributor recruitment. The collective focuses primarily on execution, campaign planning and strategy.

Who can be part of the Collective?

Anyone interested in marketing can be part of this group. Volunteers, Reps, staff and new contributors will all work together.

Everyone can apply. Whether you are an old-time Mozillian, a Mozilla Rep, a new contributor or even a potential one, feel free to feel free to apply. What matters most is your interest in marketing and your motivation.

I am part of the Basecamp Promotion + Launch group or the marketing list... am I automatically part of the Collective?

No, Basecamp is a communication channel where we share campaigns and information that we don't want public quite yet. The Marketing Collective will use dedicated communication channels for its members to get organized, communicate and discuss. There is no automatic sign-up. If you are interested in being part of the collective - and we hope you are - you need to apply by completing the sign-up process.

Why do we need a sign-up process?

We need a sign-up process to know who is part of the collective, organize communications and team, offer people activities best suited to their skills/interests.

Do I have to be a Mozilla Rep to join this?

No, you don't. Anyone can apply to become part of the Marketing Collective. It's an open program. There is however a vetting process in place, which means not everyone will be accepted.

Doesn't this just splinter marketing efforts and channels further?

The Marketing Collective is more than just an additional communication channel. We are creating a cohesive structure that will help Engagement staff and marketing volunteers to work closer together. We are indeed creating additional channels in the process, but the program will help increase visibility and transparency down the line.

How will communication work?

There is a proposal in place and we are mostly looking to figure this out together vs. merely asking for feedback. We will share the program details with a group of early participants to discuss the best options. Once a certain number of contributors are up and running in key regions, we will start delving into the work activities, and adapt the program as we go and learn from it.

What will we do with the community engagement call going forward?

The community engagement calls will continue existing. We will make some changes on the frequency and the invitation depending on needs and how sensitive is the information that we want to discuss.

How is this different from World Ready?

The "Mozilla World Ready" project is about creating greater awareness around localization issues, educating new participants to the project, and taking steps addressing these problems that limit our ability to reach and connect users around the world. The Marketing Collective focuses on the planning and implementation of our global and marketing initiatives. Although there are completely separate initiatives with distinct scopes, there will surely be ways for both initiatives to collaborate.