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Communication Channels

Members will be able to coordinate, exchange ideas through several communication channels. Each channel offers advantages and shortcomings, and might be replaced by others over time. Our main goal is to enable easy, fluid and informal exchanges.

Coming soon:

  • [phase 1] Sign-up form & all candidates must complete the sign-up form so we can get in touch with them. Once approved, all members are required to create your entry in our community address with the tag "marketing collective". This way, we have a way to get in touch with everyone in the group.
  • [phase 1] #marketing-collective IRC Channel: IRC is a great tool to have informal conversations and get instant access to information you need. This is the platform of choice to ask questions, suggest ideas, solve small problems or blockers and get real-time responses. It is also great to simply "hang out", chat and get to know each other better.
  • [phase 1] Marketing Collective mailing lists: the mailing lists are used to make announcements, share news, communicate and distribute content. Several sub-groups will be used to contact people active in specific modules or projects.
  • [phase 2] Marketing Collective Basecamp: serves as a permanent repository for projects. For example, publish and discuss sprints, perform tasks, upload documents, access archives, brainstorm.
  • [phase 2] Meetings and Calls will be scheduled as needed for projects and program activities.