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Why join the Marketplace app review team

We believe that users should set the standards for app quality and have a say in how those standards are applied. By joining the app review team, you will help ensure that the review criteria for Marketplace are meaningful and fair, and will help your peers develop more successful applications.


  • Access to a desktop machine (Windows/Linux/Mac), an Android phone, an unlocked Firefox OS device (such as Geeksphone Keon, Peak, or ZTE Open), and an Internet connection
  • Ability to communicate professionally in English; additional languages are a bonus
  • Have an app already approved on Marketplace
  • Experience with app troubleshooting and bug reporting, such as explaining how to reproduce bugs and capturing screenshots and log files
  • Can contribute a few hours a week


Marketplace reviewers get perks such as quicker reviews for their own apps, and earn points that can be redeemed for Mozilla gear. Learn more about the incentives program here:

Application process

  • Read through the Marketplace app review policies and Reviewer Guide so that you're familiar with the work involved.
  • Fill out the app reviewer application form. We'll evaluate your submission based on your skills and how articulately you can talk about apps.
  • Bonus points: Hang out on the dev-webapps mailing list, or on in #app-reviewers, #marketplace, or #openwebapps. If we recognize you and know you're good, we'll be much more likely to send an invite.

Please note that we receive many more applications than available openings, and you may not receive a response right away. But when Firefox OS launches in your country or we otherwise need your skills, we'll contact you! In the meantime, anyone is welcome to join our weekly meeting.

You may also want to check out other contribution opportunities on Marketplace.