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Selection Process

We typically on-board an average of five volunteer app reviewers per month. Adjustments are made depending on the state of the review queues (we don't want to waste your time if there aren't enough apps to review!). We tend to prioritize volunteers based on the skills/languages/equipment most lacking at the time (e.g. if we expect a lot of new apps in French, we might focus on French-speaking reviewers). We select from the list of interested volunteers who have filled out the application form.


We welcome new reviewers to the team at an on-boarding session. It is an hour-long Vidyo call where we get to meet each other and walk through the review policies and tools. In the week following the on-boarding session, reviewers are asked to practice reviewing apps on the development server. Once we feel they are ready to review real apps, we grant them permissions on the production server, and they officially become part of the team.

Invitations typically go out 1-2 weeks before the session, to give people a chance to RSVP. Because space is limited and there is a lot of interest, we let someone else have a chance to on-board if you cannot make it. But no worries--if you can't make the session you're invited to, we'll invite you to the next one.

Access to the Reviewer Tools

The reviewer tools are inaccessible to normal Marketplace users, so we must first add your account to the App Reviewer group.

When we invite you to join an on-boarding session, we will ask you to create an account on the dev review queue and send us the email address you used so we can add you to the App Reviewer group. This gives you a chance to practice with the tools in a safe environment.

If you've already created an account on, there is nothing to do. When you're ready for the production review queue, we will simply grant you permissions. It is better if you use the same email address for both the development and production servers.

Once you have the appropriate permissions, and after logging in, there will be a link to the review queue (dev)|review queue in the footer of the homepage. The Reviewer Tools start page(dev)|start page has information about queue and review stats.


What to expect during on-boarding

If you're invited to an on-boarding session, you'll receive information on how to join the video conference. The session runs for approximately 1 hour.

The agenda is roughly:

  • Intro everyone, share how you got involved with Mozilla
  • What is Marketplace? Why is it important? Why review apps?
  • What we expect from volunteers
    • Provide feedback on tools, process, and documentation
    • Learn the guidelines
    • Contribute at least a few reviews per week
    • May not be able to review many apps now due to lack of fxos devices (sorry!)
  • What are we checking for in app review? Review criteria
  • Walk through tools. Queue
  • Walk through reviewing an app
  • Incentives