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Summit 2013, Santa Clara

(format shamelessly stolen from Marketplace/Summit2013/reviewers brussels)

Add-on and App Reviewers

Attendees: please add your name and arrival/departure date & time. We'll try to arrange an informal meetup!

Name Add-on or App reviewer? Arrival Date Arrival Time Departure Date Departure Time
Alex Lakatos Apps 03 Oct 9:40 AM in SFO 07 Oct 02:55 PM from SFO
Jaipradeesh J Apps 03 Oct 13:00 in SFO 07 Oct 02:55 PM from SFO
Scott DeVaney Apps 04 Oct 11:00 AM 07 Oct 11:00 AM

Thursday, Oct 3rd

Feel free to add your own activities!

  • Summit Welcome Reception - 6pm

Saturday, Oct 5th