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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Tracking bug

bug 775802


Feature Status Dev Manager Developers QA Lead QA tester(s) Status
Tarako Marketplace Under Implementation David Durst [:ddurst] Chris Van Wiemeersch [:cvan]
Chuck Harmston [:chuck]
Mathiew Pillard [:mat]
Kevin Ngoke [:ngoke]
Davor Spasovski [:spasovski]
Krupa Raj [:krupa] Victor Carciu [:vcarciu]
Iulian Timis [:julianT]
Madalin Cotetiu [:madalinc]

Testing Matrix

browsers: None
platforms: Firefox OS
access: within the app
connectivity: EDGE, wifi and 3G


Project Plan:
Technical Design:
UX Mocks:

Relevant Bugzilla links

Test set up

  • If your Tarako device is not recognized by your Mac OS X, do the following:
    • echo "0x1782" > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini
    • adb kill-server
    • adb start-server
  • Install the test app by using the following steps:
  1. Load in your Tarako browser
  2. Under "Custom," enter this URL:
  3. Click the "Install" button

Feature Scope

What's in scope?

  • Marketplace as a hosted app
  • Browsing through app catalog when offline/online
  • Installing apps when online
  • Queuing apps for installs when offline
  • Feedback Submission
  • Report Abuse
  • Packaged Apps (examples: Here Maps)
  • Search for apps
  • Recommended Search(?)

What's out of scope?

  • Login any (including via Persona)
  • Access to list of user's installed apps via a 'My Apps' page
  • User Reviews (View/Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Paid apps
  • Region detection

Test Coverage

What's in Scope?

  • All user-facing functionality will be thoroughly exercised

What's out of Scope?

Entry Criteria

  • Tarako Marketplace (dev) is set up and ready to test
  • The Tarako Collection is set up
  • Tarako Marketplace dev app can be installed on your FirefoxOS phone

Exit Criteria

  • No failing tests in the Smoketest run
  • All other bugs have been reviewed and deemed non-blocker
  • There are no bugs for Tarako which haven't been triaged


  • Insufficient time to QA an entirely new app
    • [Mitigation] lol, krupa! it's like you never learn.
  • QA has 2 devices to test: 1 in California and 1 in Romania (shared by three testers)
    • [Mitigation] Send a few more phones to Romania.
  • Testing is not done with Indian SIMs
    • [Mitigation] This has been assessed as a low risk.


Smoke tests

Smoke tests will be run daily prior to the full functionality testrun. Any failing test in the smoketest will block 04/18 release. Smoke tests are maintained at for now. They will be moved to Moztrap at a later date.

Full functionality testrun

Note that all these tests will be moved to Moztrap at a later date.

End-to-End testrun

Devhub changes are yet to land and are out-of-scope for v0.


A daily email will be sent using the following template

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