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   Note: This page is being purged of completed projects and is no yet complete.

2012 Q1 Goals

  • Drive Website Content Strategy
  • Establish & Launch Messaging Strategy Around Top Market Segments
  • Help Drive 3.6 Upgrade Campaign
  • Measure, Share, & Optimize Site Visitor User Experience
  • Drive One Mozilla Project
  • Support Special Projects
  • Ongoing - Continue to Manage & Improve

Drive Website Content Strategy

Use creative landing pages to help accomplish overall engagement goals

  • Seal up 3.6 cracks from organic search wiki
  • Identify and prioritize a list of missing content gaps in which interactive landing pages would be useful engagement tools [List] - DONE
  • Create and launch the top 3 needed landing pages from list:

Help launch the web presence of the ESR, Dev Tools, Persona, B2G, Apps, Collusion

  • ESR: Work with Laura M to insure the the proper and optimal web presence launches on time -- DONE (LF & CB)
  • Dev Tools: Work with Patrick to evaluate and develop Dev Tools web content -- DONE (LF & CB)
  • Personas: Launch for MWC -- DONE
  • Launch B2G for MWC -- DONE
  • Launch Apps for MWC -- DONE
  • Launch Collusion for TED -- DONE

Increase Website Promotions Around Firefox Beta in order to help increase Beta ADIs by 2MM

  • Create content strategy plan & projections and share with PMM -- DONE (LF)
  • Drive implementation of plan with Creative -- DONE (LF & Grace)
    • Build Beta Website Results - 1.8M downloads from site properties delivered here

Launch Site-wide Mobile Launch Campaign with Fx11 - DELAYED

  • Create a new What's New page that respects our transition into silent updates by letting users know what's new in Fx11 + communicates our new Mobile product (LF & JFu)
  • Launch a mobile promo on /fx (LF & JFu)

Drive messaging strategy around top market segments

  • Design & test an experience for users visiting from IE (see Patrick's report - test copy first, then route to Steven for implementation) (LF) [Build content in Q1 - Testing may be delayed until Q2 per Bug 700746]
  • Design & test an experience for users visiting from Chrome [Build content in Q1 - Testing delayed until Q2 per Bug 700746]
    • Design & test an experience for users that focuses on Speed & Add-ons (see Patrick's report) [Build content in Q1 - Testing delayed until Q2 per Bug 700746]
  • Design and launch a survey to Beta and Aurora users to figure out more about user segment preferences and desires (LF) - DONE

Streamline Firefox product content on

  • Content silo project wiki Bug 708439
  • Enhance /fx page for 5 content groups across all locales wiki (CB carry-over)

Use the snippet channel to help reach various top-level engagement goals

  • Localize and launch a January batch of snippet updates to all locales (LF) --DONE
  • Roll-out new brand positioning through world-wide hard-hitting snippet campaign (LF) --DONE
  • Transition snippet management to User Engagement group by end of February --DONE

Help Drive Upgrade Campaign

  • Launch other 4 targeted upgrade landing pages --DONE
  • Update 3.6 snippets to even more urgent snippet messaging - Laura
  • Develop 3.6 about:home migration plan and lead that project (LF) --DONE Project Details here
  • Implement upgrade alert bar messaging on AMO bug- Laura
  • Implement upgrade alert bar messaging on SUMO bug- Laura

Measure, Share and Optimize Site Visitor and User Experience

  • Help with transition from Webtrends to Google Analytics as the person "consulted" when with implementation strategy (LF)
  • Conduct a release channel post-redesign evaluation and advise teams (creative & PMM) on suggested next steps (LF)
  • Survey release channel users to gain their insights Initial Survey Questions
  • A/B test alternative release channel landing page designs (LF)
  • Work with IT and metrics to implement impression tracking on snippets [enter open IT bug here] (LF)
  • Develop 6 user personas for the Firefox product site working with data from Market Insights
  • Launch and circulate web dashboard for Engagement/Web Team
    [Bug 664294] (LF carry-over)

Drive One Mozilla Project

  • Drive work on One Mozilla Design assets:
    • home page
    • 725676 - 2 column interior page for all of
    • 725683 - background, header, footer from One Mozilla (for all new projects being developed this quarter)
    • 725692 - single theme from One Mozilla skin
      • 733150 - drive rollout of theme to all Mozilla blogs with PR team
    • press center relaunch
    • 715566 - /contribute page
    • 730096 - /mission page
    • 733860 - /about page
    • 733862 - /products page
    • 733864 - /innovations page
  • Content inventory & migration prioritization with stakeholders across all of Mozilla
  • Continue to lead weekly meetings to check-in on the development and design process
  • Revive Websites taskforce (new name & mission)
    • One Mozilla meeting reformatted to this purpose
    • Overall information architecture
    • What/how projects decide to live on the domain
  • Launch pages from /firefox and onto the new platform


Continue to Manage and Improve

  • Provide and implement overarching Information Architecture, UX, and wire-frames when needed (see special projects for more) '
  • Create and roll-out to larger engagement team a clear self-serve Wiki page explaining how to launch new site content (LF)
  • Weekly web team meetings and ongoing support of website (LF/CB/JS)
  • Cross-promote user engagement projects (LF)
  • Drive engagement side of Bedrock project [Add concrete - ha- Bedrock goals here]
  • Provide search excellence and standards compliance
  • Continue support of product release cycle (LF)

Support Special Projects

Project: en-US Press Center Upgrade (AT RISK)

Project: EU Press Center Upgrade (AT RISK)

  • Goal: Create EU workflow in en-US Wordpress site (benefit of all en-US content enhancements and controls)
  • Owner: Valerie/Barbara
  • Tracking Bug 697511 | Wiki

Project: Mozilla Blog Consolidation (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Rollup individual Mozilla blogs into one Wordpress site and workflow and Mozilla-branded blog theme
  • Owner: Valerie/Melissa
  • Tracking Bug 699578 | Wiki

Project: Mozilla Blog Universe Magazine-like Landing Page (IN PROGRESS)

  • Goal: Provide a highly curated and gorgeous experience into the blogverse
  • Owner: Valerie/Melissa
  • Bug 687382

SOPA Site Outage Protest- [DONE]