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What is MozActivate?

MozActivate / Activate Mozilla is a campaign for Mozillians around the world to have impact in areas key to Mozilla’s mission. We want to bring more clarity on what are the most important areas to contribute to Mozilla right now, and provide clear steps on how to get involved right away.

Propose local swag for MozActivate events

Swag is an important part of event. It can promote our brand, create awareness & extend our message. If you want to produce local swag for MozActivate events in your local community, please read the following requirement & procedure:


  • Have a plan about the number of events that will be organized and the estimation number of the participants.
  • Have a solid plan about what kind & how much swag will be produced based on the previous estimation.
  • Have a space somewhere to store the swags securely after production. Or you can also work with the vendor to arrange the storage space.
  • Gather quotations from at least 2 local swag vendors.
  • Willing to nominate at least 2 the key persons to help the Rep in charge of the swag distribution & keeping the accountability.

Purpose of the swag request

Beside some requirements above, you also need to define the purpose of your swag request. Below is the guideline on how it should be managed:

T-shirts T-shirt can be used as a reward for the organizer. It can also be used as a prize for the winning participants.
Stickers Stickers can be used for participants.
Others Any other exceptional items can be used for prizes.

Swag items

Swag item
Unisex Activate Mozilla t-shirt
Activate Mozilla sticker / the round one
Mozilla workmark sticker
WebVR round stickers
Rust round stickers
Rust t-shirt (soon to come)

However, these are totally not the mandatory design or type of swag. You can still be creative to explore another kind of swag or propose another design to be used. But please note that we will review the chosen designs prior to the production to ensure that it’s aligned with Mozilla’s branding guidelines.



  • Submit a budget request & breakdown of the swag production cost in the budget breakdown template
  • Bug wrangler will assign it to a Review Team member & Brian King. It will be approved once both the Review Team & Brian King approve in the bug.


Once the budget has been approved, the key persons are responsible for the swag distribution in their local community.

Distribution procedure

  • Once the production has been finished, key person should create an inventory tracking sheet using this template.
  • Each community can be creative on how they will manage distribution of the swags. For example, India using this mechanism.
  • The key person should keep track on the swag inventory. Managing the quantity of each item, and on which bug it has been used. Also, to share the inventory sheet with the bug wrangler so we can ensure the current status of the inventory.
  • Bug wrangler will review every swag request with consideration and feedback from the local key persons. Once it has been approved by the bug wrangler, local key person is responsible to dispatch the order.