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Resources for Impact


We are training a handful of Reps per country to be specialised on managing the program resources for impactful initiatives, we have created a Review Team that will have as a primary focus to work with Reps on their requests and we are creating a coachee program for Reps that want to join the track.


More impactful aligned initiatives are coming from the Reps program due a set of focused trainings for Reps and forming a specialised team for reviewing initiatives.

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Build Core Strength: Build Capabilities of Core Contributor Mobilizers & Communities


We believe that by having a specialised group of Reps it will ensure that resources (budget and others) of the program are used in the most impactful way and according to the guidance provided by Mozilla’s strategy and the Council.


Reps allocate less time in order to request Resources, do impactful initiatives that align with organizational Goals and feeling empowered and supported by doing so.


We have already started our work back in April, by the end of September the Review Team will be onboarded and by the end of December the first group of Resources Reps will be trained.


  • Konstantina and Kelimutu along with the Council and the Review Team

Internal Stakeholders

Ruben, the Reps/Regional Team and George


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Work To Date

List any finished work, decisions, report-backs, metrics etc to show progress.

How to get involved

  • [Join our Gitter Channel/Discourse Topic and say hi]