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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities


QA Issues

  • Tracy
    • keeping up with 3.5rc churn
    • recent test days have about produced about 35 BFT level litmus results to triage.

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • bug 483980 - Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category (help wanted)
  • mak
    • working on TSnappiness bugs
  • adw
    • Async query containers bug 490714
      • Working on pushing sorting down to SQL: bug 499990 - adding locale-aware collation to Storage (patches up, working with sdwilsh) and bug 499985 - the Places portion, using the new collation
      • Blogged about it a few weeks ago.
    • Jetpack simple storage stuff: bug 499871 and bug 499872
    • Met with andyed over the weekend. He's really interested in Places stats from a cognitive psychology and HCI perspective, e.g., how do people use tags and folders? How is a user's session related to tabs and can we leverage that information to make a better experience? He's been keeping track of his analyses at Places/Stats.
  • ddahl
    • memory tests/ talos code on Windows - testing all browsers, implementation is done. need to capture environment and blog about it.
    • Working with Vlad on "startup timeline" bug 480735 timing all startup code to improve ts.
    • Further work on bug 480430 places db generation. Alice is starting to automate it now. w00t!
    • Opened bug 500474 to play with an experimental schema in Places. Should be attaching some code this week. Designing the schema using Django.db:


  • MDC
    • the migration guide needs history api and dynamic container examples. (dietrich)
    • the design documents linked from MDC need to be written. can probably cull from the old design overview docs.
    • Documentation non-existent:
      • dynamic containers (MaK77)
        • will do as soon as they are working properly


  • bug 489173 Issue with size of places.sqlite and Google Toolbar