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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities


QA Issues

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • bug 455555 - Use asynchronous queries for places autocomplete (working on blocking bugs)
  • mak
    • dynamic containers work is ready to land, just waiting for SR on API changes. Will probably need further love in future when we start using them, but they should just work OOTB.
    • Need to publish proposal on m.d.a.f. for livemarks conversion sprint once dynamic containers land.
    • Worked out some orange and crashiness in tests
    • still a couple of Tsnappiness patches to unbitrot
    • Updating Places:Plan page with small projects we can easily convert to sprints, with infos, relations, ecc. I'll then pass through them with Dietrich to prioritize them.


  • MDC
    • the migration guide needs history api and dynamic container examples. (dietrich)
    • the design documents linked from MDC need to be written. can probably cull from the old design overview docs.
    • Documentation non-existent:
      • dynamic containers (MaK77)
        • will do as soon as they are working properly


  • needs to be updated and get better to show our roadmap. (mak)
    • Doing right now, will take some hour to get all infos for the various small projects.
  • bug 489173 Issue with size of places.sqlite and Google Toolbar
    • Need to check if latest Google toolbar did fix the issue (and if eventually we need to push harder on having a vacuuming service)