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Note: The information on this page is likely out of date and is only kept for historical reasons.

Places Manager

  • The PRD
  • The requirement is here, item PLCS-002a
  • The requirement text: "Unified user interface that improves the usability and discoverability of features"


  • Review the brainstorming pages, existing bugs, and extensions
  • Generate a cohesive statement of the problem
  • Convert into a set of N/FRs



  • Unified search: Search history and bookmarks.
  • Unified management: Read/update/delete history and bookmarks, eg: delete anything with "diamonds" or "jeweler".
  • Saved searches, as a "smart" folder.


  • Manage other things
    • annotations?
    • tags?
    • microformat data?
    • microsummaries?


Related Fx Brainstorming pages:

Extensions seeking to integrate with places:


Reference UIs


  • Fx Bookmarks Manager
  • Flock bookmarks / history
  • Safari bookmarks / history
  • Opera bookmarks / history


  • mag.nol.ia
  • Yahoo MyWeb?
  • Foxmarks web UI?
  • delicious director?
  • spurl
  • (MS)
  • google bookmarks

Key: b=bookmarks, h=history, v=some kind of view, o=organizer, p=posting UI, e=enhancement to existing UI

Extensions with view/organize UI:

  • Yahoo Delicious (b/v/p) link
  • Total Recall link
  • Microsummary Manager link
  • HyperBK (b/h) link
  • Trailfire (h) link
  • Blue Organizer (b) link
  • Complete [1]
  • Flat Bookmark Editing link
  • My Portal link
  • ScrapBook link

Extensions related to annotation:

Extensions related to microsummaries:

Misc (or not sure):

  • Tark (temporary bookmarks) link
  • Boox link
  • Official link
  • link
  • Locate in BM Folders link
  • AutoMarks link