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Notices / Schedule

(Christian's not on the call as he is tracking down loose on below)

  • Firefox 7 ships in 1 week
  • We might build today one last time for Firefox 7 (on Beta). Still checking on some outstanding issues
  • We created a build of Firefox 3.6.23 early today
    • Firefox 3.6.23 is at risk to ship at the same time as Firefox 7 due to blowing through code freeze

Firefox Development

Firefox Developer Tools





  • Meet the new manager for the layout team: Jethro Villegas!


  • Fullscreen API has landed, preffed off for now while dependent bugs are resolved
    • Set full-screen-api.enabled pref to true; in your app, call HTMLElement.mozRequestFullScreen().



  • Good progress on SMS and Telephony
  • Camera is the big item still not moving. Doing well on mobile, but need action on desktop. Action on Jonas to get it moving.
  • Will work with W3C on battery and network connectivity specs.




  • started on the faststart project.
    • should be posting builds end of the week
  • crashes
    • if you crash, please look at about:crashes. resubmit may be required.
  • Flash supported landed on android
    • pre-honeycomb only
    • frontend worked needed. (mfinkle is working on it)



Tree Management

  • IT fixed a problem with the Varnish cache last night. 502 Gateway Errors should now be resolved. bug 687633
  • Downtime scheduled for tomorrow at 6am. Will be put off if 7.0 final build interferes.
    • Updates to Talos, pageloader, and Flash plugin will be happening. We will be rebasing some Talos tests in the downtime window.
    • A couple non-developer visible changes landing too. See newsgroup post for details


Security Reviews Scheduled for this week

Date / Time Item
Mon Sep 19 / 13:00 PST Joystick and Mouse Capture
Wed Sep 21 / 13:00 PST In Content UI Visual Unification
Thur Sep 22 / 10:00 AM PST HTTP Pipelines 264354

Calendar and Meeting details

Stability Report


  • A bunch of catchup to do from last week.
  • top issues
    • Datamgr dll versions - need to figure out what we should block, get agreement and get it done.
    • Mac crash with out of process plugins and get "no report available" - Bug 687899
    • Bug 684748 - crash when Comcast Constant Guard installed. Very high volume last week 80K per week. We are telling users to uninstall and that works. White Sky says a fix is coming soon - need outreach help.
  • Trunk
    • Crash rate pretty good.
    • Build on the 17th that introduced a bunch of new crashes. We backed out some stuff and it seems to have resolved the issues. We have some residual crashes still in old builds.
    • Type inference crashes - Still 8 open bugs - nice to get many of these fixed even if low volume.
  • Aurora & Beta
    • FF7b6 - volume still low - 12K users so not much data yet.
    • Bug 687001 - @ JSLinearString::mark - only with Aurora and FF7. There is a windows version of this crash Bug 686441. Seems to be related to Better Facebook extension.
    • Bug 620122 - crash [@ nsContentList::PopulateSelf(unsigned int)]. Old crash rising on Beta but we don't know why yet.


  • Naoki still working on detailed mobile stability report
  • Skip list for mobile should be done this week. Bug 683385
  • Crash symbol sender - Bug 664510. People need to install the add-on to Fennec to get the symbols. Naoki is evangelizing this on the lists. If you have a reproducible crash and we are not getting symbols for it, please install this.
  • Hearing reports that the crash reporter is not submitting crashes. Bug 686492 and Bug 686800. Is you are using Fennec and crash, please check about:crashes and make sure the report has been submitted.
  • bug 661158 - 13% of mobile crashes on 8.0 and needs an owner.