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Plugin Directory

The main purpose of this project is to build and maintain a public directory of browser plugins, for both human consumption as well as for machines to use as a finder and update check service.


  • As a directory:
    • Offer a human browsable and searchable directory of plugins and releases.
    • Offer a machine-queryable API to search plugins and releases.
      • See also: PFS2
      • Power things like Plugins:PluginCheck
      • Usable to find plugins for unknown content types.
      • Usable to check for version updates or security alerts.
  • Keeping things up-to-date:
    • Allow anonymous submission of data detected on plugins in a user's browser.
      • Simple submission of detected browser information (eg. locale, version, build ID, name) combined with plugin information (eg. name, version, description, filename).
    • Provide tools for editing plugin information for plugin vendors and other interested parties in personal sandboxes.
      • eg. A knowledgeable site member could add a plugin release describing a new security issue and request a live push.
      • eg. Trusted vendors could potentially submit updates to a protected API during an automated release process.
    • Provide editorial workflow (ie. for Mozilla employees, trusted vendors) to manage anonymous submissions and plugin data changes from registered members.
      • Promote changes from personal sandboxes to live public view



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