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Discussion Items

  • Q2 Goals
    • Look over near-final draft
    • Update personal goals to reflect these. Remember, goals should be measurable!
  • Services QA plan
    • Engineering proposes weekly pushes to s-c on server and client
    • Tracy working on a proposal for testing (more details in Sync update below)
    • have 3 candidates in the pipeline to interview. If all goes well, i am pushing for 2 open positions.
  • Discussion on Maintaining Litmus tests for all projects
    • Should we clone test-suites for M-c, aurora, beta?
    • or just clone test suites for major releases? Q: need a way to indicate which branch the tests are being ran at.
      • discussion we will take this offline. A test strategy needs to be created on what test suites are ran in each branch, and not necessarily a clone of existing litmus test suites.

Project Status

  • Fennec
    • Manual (aakash)
      • QA signed off on 4.0.1
      • Moving Fx5 from Aurora to Beta is still a 5-6 weeks away
      • Features and prioritization for Fx6 are still being determined
    • Automation (martijn)
    • Website Compatibility / Device Compatibility (aaront)
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Testing 1.2pre builds. This version is almost exclusively the switch to using built Fx doorhanger notifications. We're on version pre3 as I found a couple issues that needed to be addressed. The latest being bug 651138 - The welcome page returns upon each browser start.
    • Bug 641597 - Main menu stops working after a while of using Firefox 4 RC1. It may be caused TP. That or TP may be a vector to cause it. I've seen it a few times recently but haven't been able to nail it down.
    • There are up to 5 new studies in the works, 3 from outside sources and 2 from with in the TP team.
      • Jinghua sent a proposal for study sign-off which I agreed with. However, it is yet to be documented and QA really can't handle the study sign-off load.
  • Identity (tracy)
    • No UX is planned 'til end of quarter. Need to touch base with jrconlin before this group meets again to work out QA's approach to testing this feature.
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDk 1.0b5 to code freeze next week.
    • From now on, Flightdeck to be pushed to production on every other wednesday at 4pm. Code freeze previous friday.
    • Selenium scripts for flightdeck automation on github now. To be reviewed by david burns
    • Meeting with daniel (hopefully today) to discuss about load testing and other things.
  • Open Web Apps (ayan, tchung)
    • This is still being redefined. Latest i heard, development focus is shifting toward building the Open Web Apps Store.
    • Priorities are being reshifted. Meeting with Ragavan this friday at 9am

Round Table