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Dial In: 800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf #265
Every other Thursday at 11:00 AM Pacific/ 02:00 PM Eastern / 18:00 PM UTC
Zombocom Conference Room (3rd Floor) #qa for backchannel

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Discussion Items

  • Whois page
    • Thanks to Aaron for including onto our wiki. Faceless people, please upload a profile picture!
  • Fennec stuff
    • Releases
      • Merge and ship is next week. Is it actually merging/shipping the same day? if so, how are we handing test coverage here
      • 6 - we good to go? The two bugs i dont see verified yet.
      • 7 - this the final feature list? Have we gotten QA contacts for each feature?
      • 8 - same for this one, i like the breakdown of the bugs. Have we gotten QA contacts for each feature?
    • Fennec Automation - Martijn
      • update on road to 100k tests
        • layout/style/tests problems have been identified. 2 of them have been fixed (one by me, scrollbar issue). 1 on them, jmaher will try and fix before turning layout/style/tests/ on. The last one will probably just be turned off for mobile until the relevant bug for that one has been fixed.
        • Next directory: editor/libeditor/html (this is a retry!)
      • update on crowdsource addon work (still needs a name!)
  • Keeping up with Content on Pages
    • QMO needs a doc facelift
      • Services landing page - James
      • browserID docs - James
      • Sync docs and video - Tracy
    • BT wiki needs a Mobile Firefox landing page. Will modifty it a bit like the Services QA page. - Tony
  • Tablet purchasing
    • File an IT bug, everyone on this team should have one
    • which ones? lets discuss

Project Status

  • Fennec (kevin, aaron)
    • Automation (martijn)
  • Sync
    • Client (Tracy)
      • Signed off Sync 1.8 addon on AMO. EOL'd any extension users that are on Firefox 4 and on.
      • phase 2 is deprecating from AMO
      • client train this week had no qa fixes. 2 small bugs landed.
    • Server (James)
      • The next Sync Server train is on hold due to some HW issues with the new Stage environment (what used to be called the Sync Load Test Cluster).
      • When it arrives, it will actually be a "train of trains": four major deployments covering the following bugs: Bug 676109, 670946, 676296, 676351
    • Load Testing (Owen)
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • no updates
  • BrowserID (james)
    • The first weekly train happened this week - QA reported 18 issues.
    • The next weekly train will show up tomorrow Friday, with QA testing starting Monday.
    • Deployment to the Beta (QA) environment as part of the weekly train seems to be quite successful.
  • Pancake (Naoki)
    • User testing still being conducted
    • Some of the new UI has been implemented
    • Search still needs work
    • QA starting to test again
    • Stable site :
    • Account creation :
      • soon to move to Browser ID

Round Table


  • bug 678159 is likely not a blocker. will build without it, but still need a little more investigation
  • (kevin) ping release-drivers good to build on mozilla-release branch.
  • (kevin) get beta pushed to market. inform rel-drivers
  • need release notes worthy data. add 'relnote' to the keyword
  • (tony) send out an email about what tablets/phones should we have. go through IT or through reiumbursement? send to qa-staff