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Discussion Items

  • Reminder about Takeaways from BT workweek
  • BT Topics for QA Workweek in Sept
    • Suggestions? See scrumpad for current ideas
    • discussion
      • how to collaborate more cross team testing across products? (eg. browserID and openWebApp store, Pancake)
        • how do we coordinate those dependencies across efforts? Test systems?
      • an update on technologies of various projects, advertise the tools to development, lightning talk. (all hands or qa internal)
      • What is QA's automation's strategy for other teams to request/plan tooling and infrastructure? (have a team member attend the QA automation team meetings)
      • Having set profiles [small|med|large] for Sync Staging. How do we want to organize and store this data?
        • Services needs this since we need large sets of complicated setup
        • Manufactured versus personal?
  • Fennec stuff
    • Ashughes asked about following up with Device Anywhere issues. what's the status?
      • (kevin) compile the list of last month's issues, and send it to tony
    • Fennec Automation - Martijn
      • What's the update on crowdsource extension working?
        • Talked with jgriffin about shwowing results in a webserver like grafxbot does. He doesn't really have time to change his results server to serve the needs that my crowdsource extension would have. He suggests the couchdb Henrik is using might be better (although Henrik is moving away from that).
        • Jgriffin also suggested to test locally. 90% of the failures he was seeing with grafxbot tests were false failures. He thinks remote testing could be a huge cause for false failures. Working on getting a local option to test with.
    • Add Telemetry to your testing:,
  • Open Web Apps Update (david)
  • Keeping up with Content on Pages (update?)
    • Last week QMO needs a doc facelift
    • BT wiki needs a Mobile Firefox landing page. Will modify it a bit like the Services QA page. - Tony

Project Status

Fennec (kevin, aaron)

  • Beta 2
  • Beta 2 sign off today
  • Update feature pages for Firefox mobile 8
    • QA/Fennec/8/feature name test plan/
    • Link to the page on the Fennec/8/ page


  • Naoki's Crash Reporting blog
  • Fennec Weekly Newsletter brainstorm - Naoki
    • QMO/email Syndication of what's going on Fennec on a weekly basis
      • discussion work with Aaron on getting nightly tester alias back up with assignments

Automation (martijn)

  • Fixing editor/libeditor/ tests
    • Wait for WaitForFocus patch from Joel, which fixes timeouts
    • Trying to write a patch to support WaitForClipboard events in e10s, which fixes a bunch of other timeouts
    • Move test_bug366682 to mochitest chrome


Client (Tracy)

  • Add-on has been EOL'd
  • Client trains have been mostly tests and code cleanup with some minor tweaks to strings and instant sync.
  • We haven't been able to get devs to even half commit to time frames for any features on the runway (in progress).
  • Basic Instant Sync will release with Fx7.
  • core API for Push to device has landed.
  • I finally got mozmill working again on my system. So I'll start automation of setup smoketests right away.
  • Syncorro is coming. Who should own this, me (tracy)? Yes, tracy to own.

Server (James)

  • QA completed the following trains over the last two weeks:
    • (Storage server): Bug 676109 - Deploy storage server 1.10-1 to staging
    • (Account Portal): Bug 670946 - Release train bug for server-core 2.0
    • (Sreg): Bug 676351 - Deploy sreg server rpm-1.0-1 to production
    • These were successfully deployed to Production (SCL2 and PHX1) after a three-week delay due to HW/configuration issues in the Stage environment, plus deployment order and failure issues.
    • For details:
    • A special post-mortem has been set up for next week to talk about the long delay between trains, the issues with creating a new Stage environment, issues with the four parallel deployments, etc.
  • QA completed the following train for Stage:
    • (Node Assignment): Bug 676296 - Production push request for server-node-assignment rpm-1.0-1
    • This is scheduled to go out to Production on Monday afternoon, 8-29-2011
    • QA will need to verify node reallocation in SCL2 and PHX1 during this process
  • Sync6
    • We still need to get this running behind a web server so it can be hooked up to Jenkins for regular clone/builds and testing.
    • We also need to get this hooked to an AP in the Dev environment so we can better automate account testing.
  • Load Testing and Monitoring
    • Now that the new Stage environment is complete, we need to work with OPs to get access to Load Test results/logs through their monitoring setup.

Load Testing (Owen)

Test pilot (tracy)

  • jono passed a new mobile version of TP to QA this week. I immediately discovered that it was not properly defaulting to index-mobile.json, which prevents studies from loading. He is process of fixing that and rebuilding for another QA pass.

BrowserID (james)

  • The following trains have been completed by QA in the Beta (Stage) environment:
    • Train 08-04-2011
    • Train 08-12-2011 (combined with 08-18-2011)
    • Train 08-18-2011
    • All issues (open and resolved/closed) can be found here:
      • (Note: Bugzilla is not currently being used for bug/issue tracking)
  • Test Plan
  • Open Issues (too many to list, but here are some topics)
    • Security and Privacy around emails, passwords, open sessions, cookies
    • Session length and timeout
    • Transitive identity/credentialing
    • Scaling up to support 1,000,000 users
  • Issue Triage
    • We now have a meeting every Friday morning to look at new/incoming issues and issues marked for upcoming trains.

Pancake (Naoki)

  • Pancake Brownbag : Pancake Brown Bag; 8/30 @ 12:30PM
  • Staging Server is now up
  • iOS App .2 now released
  • QA coverage:
    • QA Notes - Modified and maintained here. May change it to etherpad instead

Open Web Apps (David Clarke)

Round Table


  • work week travelers: (Kevin) get in touch with Ashley Sullivan. for hotels, book your own lodging