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Discussion Items

  • Mobile
    • Dev's tracking features here?
    • Mobile Summit
    • Feels like a lot of test initiatives and dates happening (releases, mobile newsletter, performance testdays, sec reviews, features sign off). Lets use the Google BT calendar to track dates.
      • (tchung) lets have proposed calenders for subteams
    • How is qa+/- working out?
    • Update on Crowdsource Addon (missed Goal)
    • Update on Litmus -> Case Conductor tests?
  • Services
    • Recap of the 503 meltdown? Anything QA could have done to prevent this?
    • First browserID testday next week. What do we need to prepare on our end?
      • (tony) Need to assist James with testday setup. Challenge is around bugfiling.
  • Community Growth
    • Discuss actionable goals this quarter
  • Open Web Apps Update (david)

Project Status


Execution (kevin, aaron)

  • Aurora (9.0) Status Etherpad - Is this useful for folks?
  • OWA (Installation/Management API) testing w/Fennec front-end installation/launcher testing - testing strategy

Automation (martijn, John)

  • Separate extension now (separate from Mark Finkle's test harness)
  • Logging locally working. Logging format to a remote server is correct now. Need to get website set up that handles reporting results (help from jgriffin for that)
  • Currently crashtests, reftests are inside the extension, I'm planning to separate them from the extension
  • (John): Have been working almost exclusively with all existing automation frameworks (except mozmill) on desktop with aim to get up and running on mobile soon!

Specialized (naoki)

  • Socorro Bugs:
    • bug 691912 - Please add 'libstdc\+\+\.so@.**' to the skiplist as irrelevantSignatureRegEx
    • bug 692185 - Java crashes are not showing up in App Notes for Fennec Java Crashes
  • Crash Reporting on track still
  • Mike Hommey is working on getting Valgrind/Helgrind working on mobile devices


Client (Tracy)

  • Server outage partially caused by Fx7 released with instant sync.
  • Production server outage this week forced client train QA to take place on stage.
  • Client train last week and this week focused on the new setup process for mobile and desktop.
    • Ability to pair a mobile device to a desktop before an account is setup.
    • Single screen account setup wizard for desktop.
  • Mozmill setup test cases will have to be adjusted to fit new setup process. I'll complete that rework this week.

Server (James)

  • membase deployment and all other deployments are on hold due to ongoing sync/503 error issues
    • Bug 686485 - roll out membase
    • Bug 687731 - support writing to two memcaches
  • OPs and Dev are currently working on the sync/503 error issues
    • Bug 690470 - [meta] Tracking bug: Sync storage nodes responding with 503
    • For status: see email updates from Jeff Vier, Pete Fritchman, and Mike OConnor
    • No ETA on short or long-term solution

Load/API Testing (jbonacci)

  • The Sync Server on Sync6 is now running behind a web server.
  • I need to try a few more builds to make sure we can maintain a 24/7 sync service.
  • Then, I need to work with Dev and OPs (post sync/503 issues resolution) to get Sync6 talking to a Dev AP so we can test LDAP/CAPTCHA scenarios.
  • After that, sync6 will be available for tools and automation development, specifically:
    • Litmus + Case Conductor for test case development
    • Mozmill + TPS for client side
    • Funkload for API/Load testing on server side

Test pilot (tracy)

  • Tested latest dev version for mobile and desktop. some minor issue found, which have/are being resolved. release pending any final polish jono comes up with.

BrowserID (james)

  • Train 7 has completed testing in Beta and is currently being deployed to Production
  • Train 8 will include all the UI redesign work and will require some focused testing by QA and SoftVision.
  • The first Test Day is scheduled for 10/14
  • Discussions continue for QA involvement in the BrowserID-SASL project.

Pancake (Naoki)

Open Web Apps (David Clarke)

Round Table

  • REcommend time to releng on when Fennec builds should get built?
    • typically takes 2 hours to tag and sign a fennec build.
    • propose releng starts fennec start builds around 9pm.