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Meeting Notes / Desktop Firefox / 2011-11-01

Action Items from Last Meeting

(eg. Action items from last meeting)

  • How are we going to prioritize manual tasks going forward?
    • We need to write a wiki explaining a new approach: task list, priority ranking, timeline, scrumpad daily schedule(?): done, scrumpad
  • Set up a meeting with Dave Townsend and fligtar to see how to approach this. Scheduled for Thu late morn.: done

Discussion Items

(eg. Discussion items for the team)

  • Fx8 Update Scenarios Testing
    • What's our approach going into Fx8
      • Plugins, add-ons, browser state
    • Who signs off and when
  • Fx8 Feature List and Sign-off
    • Need to make explicit in the test plan
  • Other testing being performed that needs to be describe and communicated
    • Web Compatibility testrun
    • Status?

Status Updates

(eg. Status highlights and top issues)

  • Fx8: Go for RC given today, Oct 31
    • Builds available EOD Pacific time.
    • Automation TBD
  • Waverley (Paul, Ioana, Mihaela, Virgil, Simona, VladG)
  • Feature - Silent Update Link
    • Lessen the showing of the what's new page Link - Mihaela
      • Status: Updated the test plan with more info and created and ran test cases.
    • Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Link - Simona
      • Status: started the exploratory work on a try build.
    • Add-ons default to compatible Link - Virgil
      • Status: in development, nothing landed on F10 at this moment. Planed to test tryserver build. Created test plan (60%-to create extra test cases once I will be able to test the tryserver build).
    • Apply update on shutdown Link - VladG
      • Status: I'm waiting for the builds in order to resume testing. Begin creating a test plan.
    • Workflow with Incompatible Add-ons Link - Ioana
      • Status: contacted the directly responsible person and lead engineer; waiting for updates.
    • Lessen the display of app update UI Link - Paul
      • Status: Testing is in progress.
  • Feature - Third Party Add-on Warnings Link - VladM
    • Status: the patch landed on Beta and Aurora and we began testing on these channels as well. We'll update the test plan after more testing.
  • Feature - Extension Manager:Confirm on Upgrade Link - VladM
    • Status: updated testcases and verification across platforms.
  • Feature - People Search Link - Ioana
    • Status: SIGNED-OFF.
  • Feature - Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand Link - Mihaela
    • Status: updated test plan, created and ran test cases


(eg. staffing update, vacation)

  • Paul Silaghi started today on Desktop Firefox team. He will replace Andrei Domuta.
  • Otilia - Vacation starting Monday Nov 14 and returning to office on Monday Nov 21

Action Items this Week

(eg. Action items)

  • Go over test plan review process to address the problem where feature ownership are overlooked, for example: In-content UI Visual Unification
    • This feature was assigned to Henrik but no work had been done on it. He had not assigned it to himself.
  • Revisit idea for QA review of testplan. Probably best during Aurora phase.
    • Start out internally and cc developers
  • Create wiki page with end-game information for Firefox 8
    • What have we done and what are the results?
    • QA* queries
      • Fx8 list of bug verifications for the end game
  • Talk to Geo about running Automation