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Discussion Items

  • Q209 Goals (Draft)
    • List a goal for the team. Could be existing one, or one you are working on personally. (everyone)

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.8 (abillings) - juanb to cover if abillings is out
    • Update: Some bugs to verify.
    • Testplan here
  • Firefox 3.5 (tchung)
    • Beta 4 Testplan
    • builds 4/8, beta 4/15
    • Tracking Status page
      • Still 94% testplan complete, 92% Testcase complete. Roundtable update on open areas.
  • 3.0 -> 3.1b3 major update trial run (abillings) - juanb to cover if abillings out
    • Update: No major blockers found. It looks good for this iteration.
    • Completed last week. Testplan here
  • Mobile update (jmaher)
    • Shipped Beta1 last week
    • Windows Mobile Alpha1 is getting close to shipping (maybe next week)
  • QMO Discoverability Project (aakash)
    • Most of the docs have been consolidated to coincide with the Projects page
      • 3 New Things:
        • QMO docs folder that includes Content Creation and QMO Help
        • Keeping Up with Mozilla and Guide to Fx Test Days are at the top of the tree
      • Want to add conference reports as blog posts to QMO and remove static docs
    • Pages Added: Keeping Up with Mozilla, Bugs Life Walkthrough
    • Pages in-Draft: Bug Writing Guidelines, Bug Triaging Guide (multiple pages including How to Track, How to Clean, How to Narrow Down STR and Finding Regression Windows)

  • Website Testing Project (henrik)
    • Last week we had the [first presentation] and retrieved good feedback
    • Results
      • [Design rework] during the last week to match less the design of QMO (Due to time constraints single sign-on not possible right now)
      • Proposal from Samuel to add a dropdown to the top right like we have for [Socorro] which points to major QA sites. Still waiting for his mail
      • Need to add some more informal text to guide the user through the process (e.g. contact email address, request to add a new country/company)
      • Sent email to Morgamic and asked for security review on 03/24
      • Waiting for feedback now...
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Update from last week: "For the curious: As a first step for Mac accessibility work, we've requested that accessibility will be turned on and a11y unit tests run on Mac unittest tinderboxes on mozilla-central. The test suite passes locally, so within a few days we should be seeing some additional log entries on Mac unittests! WOOT! "
      • bhearsum found some leaks we're trying to find and fix. Classes are leaking that are not explicitly called from a11y code, but which we're apparently uncovering by using something else.
    • Update from CSUN:
      • Held a presentation on Friday about what's going on in Mozilla accessibility. Almost full audience (50 seats or so), good questions and participation.
      • Great for networking with other people in the accessibility world such as NVDA and Orca folks, people from universities and the W3C, the Paciello Group and other MoFo grantees.
      • End-user-wise, the conference was much slower than last year. The economic crisis definitely showed here. Those who were at our booth were enthusiastic about Firefox if they used it already, or curious about trying it out with NVDA or their favorite screen reader. Extensions received a lot of love, too, like AdBlock Plus, WebVisum, and MouseLess Browsing.

Other topics?