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Discussion Items

  • QAE Q209 Individual goals
    • Top level goals are done
    • Please update individual goals if you havent yet.
  • QA proposal presentations at All Hands
    • Focus talks should consider a larger audience
    • Ideas?
      • EV security server?
      • Pair wise testing
      • Rando orange tinderboxen
  • Mozmill 1.1 Testday (aakash)
    • Need Moderators
      • Current Schedule looks something like this:
        • 7-9 jmaher, aakashd, tracy
        • 9-11 adamc, ctalbert, jmaher, aakashd
        • 11-1 jmaher, aakashd, tracy
        • 1-3 aakashd, ctalbert,
        • 3-5 adamc, ctalbert, aakashd
    • Will be working on the BFT: General Subgroup, if it's working really well, then work on the History subgroup
    • Will send out a Day Before notice to the mailing lists, newsgroups and twitter
    • Open Issue: Testscripts all go into one bug or multiple bugs across different parts of the system (with [MozMill] in their title)?
      • Update: use one bug approach to track all open tests being written
  • Litmus BFT Cleanup Project (tracy)
    • Q2 goal. Anything more to say?
    • Everyone is responsible for this goal

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.9 (abillings)
    • Maybe respin to make Build 2 for two line code change Bug 487345.
      • Would re-run smoketests since we are mostly complete with testing on Build 1.
      • Moved Beta to 4/15 (one day out).
  • Mobile update (jmaher)
    • Status moved to Testdev call
  • Smoketest Cleanup project (tracy, juanb)
    • Scenarios were determined last week.
    • Juan, Aakash and Tracy are writing the test cases (shooting for completion by 4/16)
  • Website Testing Project (henrik)
    • Updated content to guide users through the pages
    • Sent request for security review to WebDev. Waiting for reply.
    • [Demo site]
  • EV Certs/SSL Server project (juanb)
    • Update?
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Still fighting leaks that prevent the accessibility suite to be run on the Mac unittest tinderboxes, see bug 482598 if you're curious.
    • Almost done verifying my recent 1.9.1 landings. They had been baking on m-c for weeks, and since they have test coverage, this is mostly a self-stamping process. ;-)

Other topics?