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Meeting Details

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific

Action Items / Takeaways from Last Week

  • Takeaways:
  • Action Items:
    • [stephend] research options for a new space for a work week hack event- like LinkedIn or the Mtn View office.
      • I'm lame and haven't done this -- thinking Friday would be a good day to meet up with Luke from #selenium, in the SF office
    • [rbillings] send Marlena an email asking if we can customize the sign-up email
      • I contacted Marlena. She said, unsurprisingly, that this isn't currently available functionality. Instead of filing a bug she suggested I file a suggestion on their community forum site- which I did. Evidently if enough other community members also are interested in that functionality it will bump up the priority for getting it done. As the level of people asking to join PT is pretty low, I'm happy to manually send them a welcome email. We can discuss again if/when it gets to the point of being a big time sink.

Discussion Items / Updates

Engagement Project Status

If you've worked on an engagement project in the last week, enter your name, the project name, and time spent in hours (estimated).

  • Affiliates FB app - ~3hrs rbillings

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

  • Affiliates
    • No updates
  • AMO
  • Marketplace
  • Mozillians
    • No updates
  • MDN
  • Socorro
    • Milesone 18 aka the mobeta release has been moved to 2012-09-12
    • Fantastic changes landing in the interim
      • bug 774290 - Add b2g support
      • bug 784094 - Force correlations for next week's releases: must ship next week (what day?)
      • bug 781136 - Improve Flash detection
  • SUMO
    • SUMO UI overhaul is in process, testing will happen over the next few weeks
    • Continuous deployment, no updates
  • MozTrap
  • Wiki
  • B2G (Firefox OS)
    • Action item for the team -- join the Gaia QA Pivotal Tracker
    • Helped reformat many of the current spreadsheets, plans on the horizon to start working on test cases.


Community Update

  • new contributor - keki

Time off / Out-of-office

  • mbrandt - PTO 8/30 - 9/9

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Takeways:
  • Action Items:
  • Next owner / scribe:
  • Next week's meeting notes: