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Meeting Details

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific

Action Items / Takeaways from Last Week

  • Takeaways:
  • Action Items:
    • Zac to add credentials for Jenkins and other passwords to the WebQA intranet wiki
    • Vaidik to blog about Vagrant

Discussion Items / Updates

  • Ever found yourself staring at a test run, and wondered where in the test-suite it was actually running?
    • I did many times this week, so added -v to all jobs I could find -- stephend
    • +1 for this. You may have noticed that I had already added it to a whole bunch of jobs. -- bsilverberg
  • Let's please get some testdays lined up, post work weeks -- stephend
  • Bidpom "Remember Me" screen timing issue and pull request -- bsilverberg
    • time based persona remember me, if 60secs + the remember me will be triggered
      • add sleep to force it to be 60s+? don't like that
      • believe bidpom should take care of this
      • added sleep within bidpom, not ideal, but no other ideas on how to fix
      • Added action item to follow-up on this
  • Thanks to the team + contributors for offering to cover Reps while I'm on vacation. I need one more kind soul to cover Flicks while I'm out. There should be one release that is mostly text changes- I can give details if that helps. Thanks, Rebecca
    • Mbrandt awesomely volunteered
  • Stephend: do you want to cover the engagement meetings for the first 3 weeks of Sept? rbillings
    • Emphatic yes!  :-)

Goals Check-in

Blog Ideas

If you have any ideas for blog posts, share them here.

  • Contributor attraction - rbillings
    • This turned into a discussion of how we need to better capture github issues, to review projects & know what needs to be done prior to soliciting contributors.

Lightning talk / Show 'n Tell

  • Vaidik [topic]

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

CI Updates

If you've worked on Jenkins or Selenium Grid in the last week, add the necessary info in the Wiki

  • Selenium 2.35.0 seems pretty stable on latest-version - ready to merge in to master?

Community Update

Time off / Out-of-office

  • Zac out until August 27th
  • Softvision team is out today (08-15-2013)
  • bsilverberg PTO August 16 - August 25

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Takeaways:
    • More testdays should be a Q4 goal - stephend
  • Action Items:
    • find the etherpad with testday ideas & link/add it to meeting template - stephend
    • investigate creating an api for bidpom that allows login without expectations- bsilverberg
    • forward stephend the engagement meeting info - rbillings
    • bsilverberg & rbillings to meet & discuss plan for mapping out meetings with webdevs/pms/project folks to capture github issues
  • Next owner / scribe: mbrandt
  • Next week's meeting notes: