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Meeting details

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific

Lead / Scribe

  • Lead: stephend
  • Scribe: bob
    • Scribe is responsible for:
      • adding the action items and takeaways to the current meeting's minutes
      • creating the agenda for the next meeting and carrying the action items and takeaways over to it
      • sending out a notice of the availability of that agenda along with the meeting invite
      • completing all of the above by the end of the week during which the meeting occurred

Last week's action items

  • [CARRY OVER] [matt][stephen] - The participation team are looking for someone to review their pull request for mozillians-tests - meeting with them during Orlando work week
    • [stephend] - I merged and re-enabled the* tests after the pull was r+'d
      • still trying to get a much-clearer sense (have reached out to Pierros) and blog post of the timeline and changes made/test-areas needed, so we can work with the team to invite community via a testday


Discussion items

  • [davehunt] Changes to AMO dev caused expected failures, but due to high timeouts and reruns the job took over 8 hours!
    • I've removed reruns from* and set the timeout to 60 seconds
    • I'd like to do this for all jobs, but it will cause noise due to intermittent failures
    • Thoughts/opinions? Can we handle the noise and tackle the intermittent failures?
    • Note that it is possible to mark individual tests as flaky and to indicate a maximum number of reruns.
  • [davehunt] Until recently, marketplace-tests waiting for an element to be visible would wait 600 seconds instead of 60
    • This is a good example of why it's a bad idea to mix implicit and explicit waits
  • [davehunt] Sauce Labs has announced they're dropping support for Appium 1.3.4 and older
    • We're using 1.4.13 as our default version (latest recommended version is 1.4.16)
    • For AMO we're using 1.3.7 due to issues experienced with 1.4.x, so we may want to look into this before support is dropped for 1.3.x entirely
  • [stephend] - Just FYI (shouldn't affect our test infra); Web Ops is upgrading Zeus to 10.3 during the Tree-Closing Window this weekend

Goals Check-in - 1st and 3rd meetings, monthly

Upcoming Events

The Web QA Events page shows any upcoming meetups, test days, and other events for the team.

Blog Ideas

Have ideas you want to blog about, or you think would make interesting topics? Note them here! this is a template, so update here please

Lightning talks

Project status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

  • High-priority/supported projects:
    • Marketplace / AMO
    • MDN
    • MozTrap
    • One and Done
    • Socorro
    • SUMO
  • Available for ownership:
    • Webmaker
    • REMO/Mozilla Reps
    • Wiki

CI updates

If you've worked on Jenkins or Selenium Grid in the last week, add the necessary info in the Wiki

Community update

Time off / Out-of-office

PTO and other time out of office for Firefox Test Engineering

  • [davehunt] - October 26 - PTO
  • [davehunt] - December 12-14 - Honolulu marathon

Buildmaster (2-week duration)

  • Hands off to the next person at the end of the current Buildmaster's 2-week role, in the Web QA Thursday meeting


The Web QA Buildmaster Rotation page contains the past and upcoming schedule.

These entries are in reverse chronological order.

  • 2016-05-05 - 2016-05-19 - stephend
  • 2016-04-21 - 2016-05-05 - mbrandt
  • 2016-04-07 - 2016-04-21 - davehunt
  • 2016-03-24 - 2016-04-07 - rbillings
  • 2016-03-10 - 2016-03-24 - krupa

Action items

Next Meeting

  • Next owner / scribe: Valentina
  • Next week's meeting notes: Dave