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Firefox QA Standup - September 3rd, 2014

Dial-in Information

  • Wednesdays, 8:30am Pacific Time
  • Telephone:
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99779 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99779 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: QA-Desktop
  • Vidyo Guest URL
  • Agenda and notes: etherpad

Attendees: Mihaela, Petruta, VarCat, Florin, Ioana, Mihai Pop, KaiRo, Kamil, Andrei, Cristina, Otilia, Henrik, Marc, Liz, Matt, Tracy, Kevin, Clint

Discussion Items

  • [Florin] OP rights on IRC for myself (:FlorinMezei), Andrei Vaida (:avaida) and ioanachiorean.
    • Clint is now owner of #QA, Kevin is on the ops list and can grant ops #qa and #testday. The other channels are outside of our control. - Any updates on this?
  • [Florin] We received a 15" MacBook Pro, so we can now verify Retina fixes.
  • Bug Verification work load?
    • [Florin] Due to high load in the past 2 cycles, we're thinking about cutting down on Bug Verification work by being more selective (focus more on bugs with high importance/severity, and feature related issues). Thoughts?
  • Feature owners - One and Done Tasks
    • [Florin] Some of us received Admin rights. We'll start creating tasks in One and Done for our features. Note that new features in Firefox 34 (now Aurora) don't really have any MozTrap tests.
  • Test Day Bot Features?
  • Meeting format and topics: Does this meeting serve the needs of the team?

Project Updates

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Florin - PTO - September 8th - 15th - Contact Otilia/Andrei in my absence
    • Flaviu - PTO - August 22nd - September 3rd
    • Alexandra - PTO - September 12th - 15th
    • Catalin S. PTO - September 1st - September 8th
    • Anthony - Firefox Work Week September 2nd to 6th
    • Nils - PTO September 8th-15th
    • juanb - in Toronto Sept 1 - 6, Fx workweek
    • lizzard - Sept. 12th PTO
    • Ioana - Sept 12-15 RemoCamp, 16-19 PTO
    • KaiRo out today after this meeting
  • Events

Q3 Goals


Channel Status

Release (Fx 32) (Desktop - Juan/Kamil Mobile - Aaron/Kevin )

Beta (Fx 33) (Desktop - Tracy/Kevin Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

Aurora (Fx 34)(Desktop - Liz Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx35) (Desktop - Robert Mobile - Anthony)

ESR (Fx 24.8 + Fx 31.1)

    • No more Fx 24 ESR, we've shipped our last on that branch.


Automation (whimboo)

  • Mozmill
    • The upcoming newly signed builds for OS X will cause us a lot of work to do (bug 1047728) across different tools (mozbase, mozmill, mozmill-automation, mozmill-tests)
    • We should now see way lesser failures with AMO related tests since we switched to (Bug 1058445)
    • We have to wait for the updated job retention policy before we can add the other locale batches for beta and release builds ( )
    • Currently we install EDID boxes (like dongles) on our Mac Minis to enhance speed and screen resolution
  • TPS
    • Waiting for feedback from Hal Wine before we can start moving out the TPS framework
    • Cosmin is going to fix the remaining failures
    • Once we successfully can send email via the Jenkins CI we will enable it by default


  • Waiting on data on all channels.
    • So far, no surprises on 32 release.
    • We'll need to monitor Beta 33 closely for Graphics (OMTC/D3D11) on Windows.
      • Might need to deactivate OMTC mid-cycle if nothing improves in the first weeks. Tracking bug 1061693 is of interest here as well, looking at D3D11-related crashes.