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An overview of the Firefox Quality Assurance Community based on the larger Mozilla Community.

Who Is In The Firefox QA Community

Casual Contributor

A casual contributor is someone who has volunteered small amounts of time in an activity.

  • Examples: Someone who has submitted feedback for Firefox on, someone who filed a bug report or offered a solution about Firefox on SUMO, someone who has read some of our QA documentation.
  • Mission impact: In aggregate, casual contributors create real value for the improvement of Firefox by spreading the word and providing decision-informing data and more.

Active Contributor

An active contributor is someone who has volunteered substantial time performing Firefox Quality Assurance activities that involves interactions with others within the last 3 months.

  • Examples: Active participation in Firefox Test Days, someone who files bugs against Desktop Firefox on Nightly builds, someone who does regular Bugzilla work in Firefox components e.g. triaging or verifying bugs in Someone who helps with QA of Firefox features through testing or documentation.
  • Mission impact: Active contributors directly support Firefox Quality Assurance through their contributions of time and skill and provide the Firefox QA Team with the ability to move forward with a wide range projects.

Core Contributor

A core contributor is someone who has a leadership position in Firefox Quality Assurance.

  • Examples: Firefox QA Feature Owner, Firefox QA Community Mentor, Firefox QA Automation Mentor
  • Mission impact: Core contributors make major impacts on Firefox Quality Assurance through their contributions of time, skill and leadership.

Where Do You Fit In?

If you're already a Firefox user, the fact you are reading this has already moved you up a level from User to Supporter. :-) If you'd like to learn more about how to get involved with the Desktop Firefox Quality Assurance Community visit the pages linked from each category header above.