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QA Community Team Meeting

  • August 24, 2011
  • Attendees: Matt, Marcia, Marlena, Al, Owen, Anthony, Juan

Upcoming Testdays

  • Firefox 7 Testday August 26th
    • Joe Drew will be a guest developer providing triaging demos via vidyo between 11am - noon
    • Firefox 7.0b2 might conflict with this event -- try to find a way to merge the two

Discussion Items

Project Status

Community Building/Events (ideas and progress) [marcia/tomcat/ashughes]

  • Need testday drivers/topics for September 2nd and September 9th
  • Guest developer vidyo -- can we record these and publish them on QMO?

QA Videos [marcia]

  • marcia and matt reviewed the first iteration of the video that Juan shot that is slated to be on the nightly page. I think there are a few polish items needed:
    • Users need to know where to go for IRC channel
    • We ask for feedback in the video, but don't ask users where to go except for Bugzilla. Suggestions:
      • Show Feedback extension in action as a screencast or screenshot
      • Show them how to enable telemetry

QMO [abillings]

  • QMO is now on Github
  • We also have new staging and dev servers behind auth. We sync to Dev from Github ever 10 minutes.
  • Al has created a maintenance document.
  • QMO Videos are being served from the QA Vimeo account. We have a pro account as of this week, which removes most bandwidth constraints on uploading.
  • Anthony is the go-to while Al is on PTO


Meeting Notes/Action Items

Action items/Notes from (20110824) meeting

  • GTAC
    • Consensus around the theme
    • Perhaps Involve Bob's group
    • Advertise in GTAC forums, Linked in, Lightning talks
    • What is the goal of having the meetup?
      • I think we want to keep the notion of talks to lightning talks - social interaction should be emphasized
  • Adding others to this meeting:
    • Increase the visibility of our involvement into community - advertising blitz to this meeting. Call into this meeting.
    • Focal point of our community involvement. Call to our community - Adding others to this meeting -> Broader community -> Focal point - wider participation in this meeting.
    • Key is to Advertise as much as we possibly can - Better communication - Every Two weeks
  • QA Ambassadors
    • Building a more global community - have people involved in more places around the world
    • We should think of anything we could ask of them - owen
    • What do we want them to do?
    • Draft Document is on Google documents -> Will send out in notes
  • Test Days
    • Testday Drivers/Topics for September
    • Matt recommends not doing something on 9/2
    • Can we use vidyo - record a webcast of the screen sharing video itself - planning to do for this test day on Friday. AI - Advertise it - Trial run with Joe Drew this Friday
    • Recorded session versus webcast - what we can do with it.
    • Combination would be good - screencast

Action Items/Notes from (20110713) meeting

  • GTAC - Matt will register team. Something around test automation - demo hot tools in automation. October 26-27, 2011 in Mt. View
  • Firefox Testday Cadence
    • Best time for Beta test day is one week after the merge
    • Best time for Aurora test day is 4 weeks after the merge
    • ashughes to create public page to suggest topics
  • QMO
    • - do we really need it? owen is confused and other people may be confused.
    • File a bug to remove the QA Community Team Page
    • How we do our org chart internally-and how we present to community does not have to be a 1:1 correlation.

Action items from (20110615) meeting

  • marcia and owen to meet to talk about badging rewards

Action items from (20110601) meeting

Action Items from (20110518) meeting

  • [DONE] ashughes to add TestDay checklist info to and also make the schedule a static link
  • 'Marcia to add a Brainstorming scrumpad to Community page where suggestions can be made such as improvements to QMO, video ideas, etc.'
  • Marcia to follow up with Rainer to get the video of the QA team at Whistler
  • Marcia to Dig deeper with Mary about events after Friday meeting
  • Tracy owes Tony a video for sync - Introduction to Sync - Tips and Tricks on how to test
  • Al to get TwoPress URL - maybe look at it once it is up on QMO staging site
  • Expansion of testdays into the European and Asian

timezones. Softvision can help us here. Henrik sees this as very impt. to the expansion of our community