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QA Services Team Meeting

  • September 8, 2010
  • Attendees: aakashd, tchung, stephend, juanb, naoki, tomcat, marco, marcia and matt

Discussion Items

Project Status

CrashKill [tomcat/marcia]

  • CrashKill meeting on 9/7 was not held due to the fact that both chofmann and laura could not attend. Mail sent to chofmann to see if we can reschedule as he sent mail about filing bugs that were old crashes that have resurfaced in new releases.
  • Filing bugs for Topcrashers on all supported branches

Accessibility Status Update [marco]

  • FX 4
    • Everything is blocked by bug 591874. We do have two approaches with Khuey and Alex Surkov are pursuing in parallel, but it may still be turning out that these are both too fragile, and that we'll need to do some massive evangelism for FX4 for this change to be dealt with on the AT (and possibly other software) sides.
    • Also work being done on bug 592913 to compensate for some things that bug 591874, if not fixed, may not cover, on an API level.
    • All of this endangers some of the planned HTML5 work, but can't be helped. The new input types work on a basic level, so pressure isn't immensely high, but just moderate.
  • FX3.6
    • 3.6.9 was released with two accessibility fixes, and 3.6.10 already contains 1 fix for crash bug 583952.

Community Building/Events (ideas and progress) [marcia/tomcat]

  • Meetups
    • Next Mt. View meetup on calendar for 9/22/10.
      • There has been a request to stream the content
  • Munich Meetups
    • Friday, September 24
    • Friday, October 22
    • Friday, November 26

other events tbd

QA Videos [marcia]

  • Appointments now on calendar for
    • Martijn - This Thursday, 9/9
    • Marco - Monday, 9/13
    • Henrik and Tomcat still needs to be scheduled - do you have preferred days?
  • Robot video might not happen during work week, but WebQA indicated they are still interested in doing a team video.
  • Rainer has indicated he is coming with us to the Segway event and he said there might be an opportunity to shoot something showing the team doing something together.

QMO [aakashd]

  • Development should start on 9/20 depending on MobiFx work that Craig Cook has been slated on
    • We're targeting 10/11 for release
  • PRD can be found here


Meeting Notes/Action Items

  • Crashkill
    • Matt suggested coming up with a Holistic report on Firefox 4
    • Report would contain the continuing history of crashes and other issues.
  • Meetups:
    • 11/3 Automation Meeting upcoming in London regarding Selenium - Dave Hunt coordinate - Matt will likely be attending
    • This fall at San Jose State - Ayan talking to the Professors that teach the QA class. tchung will have more information forthcoming.
    • William from Marketing working on support event - waiting for more information.
  • QA Videos
    • Robot video -> Goals of the objectives of the QA work week may not work with Robot Video.
      • Instead will be target this for the All Hands in December
    • Tchung asked what should be the flow of the videos that are going to QMO
      • Each team should have an Introductory video supported by documentation -> projects go to our wiki - this is how you sign up - fairly short introduction to next steps.
    • Recent examples of good videos:
  • QMO Stats: 1000 hits per day on QMO -
    • Many hits coming from contribute page
    • Test days promoted out on Twitter -> Promote out that content has been added.
    • What Matt would like to see is an updated project plan - schedule of what we want to put on the site
      • This Content Schedule - Could Have this as a global calendar. When we want to advertise
        • When
          • List of things that have to do
          • Places it is advertised
          • Cross promotion
  • QMO
    • Scheduling ETA by 10/11 which is 3 weeks after development
    • Link to the PRD - example site
    • Link is in the QMO 3 wiki
    • Read the PRD - Questions and Comment - Al and Aakash mention things they want
  • Roundable
  • Question re: QA Services
    • Specific to Crashkill and Status Updates
    • Reiterate QA Services meeting - status updates for the first half. Second half is more community related. We can ping people on IRC when we are ready to get into the community portion of the discussion.