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Read Me First!

  • Download the latest Firefox 3.6 beta, create a new profile, and check out an area from the guide below.
    • When creating a new profile, give it a name such as "l10n".
  • What are we doing?
    1. Run a quick testsuite of daily browsed sites
      • Example: "aakashd" signed up for Tab testing is shown here
      • The onus is on learning new features for those that haven't tried them out as well as using these features together to find deeper critical/blocker bugs
  • For any bugs found, add "[l10nFxTestday]" to their whiteboard
    • If you're unsure it's a bug, go to the #testday channel (check out Communication for more info)

Helpful Information


  • For general questions: irc: #testday channel
    • primary contacts: aakashd, tchung, juanb, sethb, Pike

Reference Guides


Daily Browsing Testing

Fx3.6 Feature Testing