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Plugin Update Referrals Test Plan

  • Development Status: - targeting 3.5.3 (1st week of sept)
  • Feature Testing: - In progress (date)
  • Team:
 Dev: bmcride, mossop
 QA: tchung


Our goal is to get as many people who use Firefox to also update their plugins to improve the security of their systems. We want to do this in the Firefox 3.6 time frame. Suggested path is:

  • Maintain a list of common plugins and versions.
  • Offer a page on that checks plugin versions and offers links to updated versions of those plugins.
  • Use the plugin blocklist capabilities in Firefox to push users to update.


  • Automatic downloading and updating of plugins

Things We Test

List the tests we have where applicable:

  • Unit tests
  • Manual Tests

Things We Don't Test

  • Automatic downloading and updating of plugins
  • the plugin check page will be tested by WebdevQA team

Plugin candidates for Updates

  • Apple (Quicktime)
  • Adobe (Flash, Shockwave, Reader)
  • Microsoft (Silverlight)
  • DivX
  • Sun (Java)

Test Cases

Notification Bar


  • Verify if site has multiple plugin notifications, the order of the notifications will be in: Outdated > Missing > Blocked.
    • Note that only one of these notifications will appear in the weighted order.
  • Out of date plugins (setting severity = 0)
    • Test a site with an outdated plugin (You may also need to configure the blocklist.xml file and set severity = 0; means outdated)
      • For example, this will set quicktime to out-of-date:
   <pluginItem os="WINNT">
     <match name="description" exp="Flash 9.0"/>
     <versionRange severity="0"/>
   >>This will affect all versions of Flash 9.x on Windows<<
    • Verify notification bar drops down if your version of your plugin != latest plugin offered. Note the icons, color, and font will change depending on your OS.
    • Clicking "Update Plugins..." button will take you to the page to update the plugin. The page also lists all the outdated plugins the user has installed (this page tested by webdev)
  • Blocklisted plugins (setting severity = 1 or 2)
    • Blocklist your plugins using test blocklist.xml settings. (See here for instructions and configurations)
    • Verify plugin is blocklist notification bar. Note the icons, color, and font will change depending on your OS.
    • When the blocklist service updates from a periodic check and detects an outdated plugin (that hasn't been warned of before), it shows an alert (via the alerts service) informing the users. Clicking on this alert would open a tab to the plugins page on
  • Missing plugins
    • Visit a site that requires a plugin you havent installed yet (flash site, java site, just google and you'll find it)
    • Verify missing plugins notification bar. Note the icons, color, and font will change depending on your OS.
Addons Manager > Plugins Tab
  • Open Addons Manager > Plugins Tab
    • Reflect the plugin information there matches with what's shown on about:plugins
      • If the plugin is disabled, it will not appear on about:plugins
    • If the plugin is outdated,
      • Text shows: "A newer, safer version is available. <More information link>"
      • Plugin icon has a exclamation icon over it
    • If the plugin is blocklisted, (setting severity = 1 or 2)
      • Text shows: "Disabled for your protection. <more information link>"
      • Plugin icon has a exclamation icon over it
    • Verify after updating the plugin to the latest version, the outdated notification disappears.
    • Verify a "Find Updates" button is present on plugins tab. Button will take user to the plugin check page.


  • Plugin Check for Updates
    • With an outdated plugin, Do a help > check for update
    • If update is available,
      • User is prompted to update firefox
      • Verify the update link in the screenshot goes to the plugin check page
    • If no update available, verify check for outdated plugins screen
    • On startup (not after an update), if outdated plugins are detected, open a tab to the outdated plugins page. This would only happen once for a plugin version.