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Upcoming vacation/PTO: alin - dec 24, dec 28-31 nov 17 - Vlad and Alin will be in Bucharest for VISA 30 Nov - St Andrew's Day 1 Dec - National holiday

Meetings every Tuesday and Thursday

23.11.2015 - 24-11.2015

[alin] - Enable DOM push Mochitests on Android Fennec cedar push: both mochitest-push tests failed with the following error: Kim will look at this after meeting

[vlad] updated the following patch buildmaster-retry_dead_queue.erb.patch in order to work. The solution was by adding an enter at the end disabled 10 winxp slaves created a bug for relops to re-image them this bug will be on hold until the slaves will be re-imaged We also started to work on this issue , we are waiting for some feedback’s from Callek and dustin an old ticket

Additional bugs to work on → uploaded patch → uploaded patch

25.11.2015 - 26-11.2015

[alin] for some reason, when connecting to the winadmin machine and trying to access "Active Directory Users and Computers", I get an error like: "Naming information cannot be located because: The RPC server is unavailable.." I re-imaged "b-2008-ix-0128" after returning from loan, but right now I am not able to connect to it, so I suspect these two are related I recall encountering this once last week, but the issue had been solved the next time I logged in talk to grenade, Q or markco

[vlad] an old ticket monitored relengwebadm but I was not able to find anything