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Upcoming vacation/PTO: alin - dec 24, dec 28-31 30 Nov - St Andrew's Day 1 Dec - National holiday

Meetings every Tuesday and Thursday

02.12.2015 - 04-12.2015

New bugs to work on remove nexus-4 builds uploaded patch and builder diff

TryChooser should allow me to select all mochitest-browser e10s tests uploaded patch

remove reference to old soccorro hosts from config

Update trychooser for web-platform-tests increased chunks and e10s uploaded patch

upload mozlog 3.1 in internal pypi not needed anymore

Create B2G only shortcut for trychooser

[alin] noticed today that the number of pending jobs on win 8 has been high (over 1k most of the time) [vlad] should update master/master_config.json

started to look over it if you can help me with some informations because I have some problems to understand the bash script