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When & Where

Details for the week


  • Flights: Please book through our travel agent
  • Ground Transportation: Please use taxis and public transportation and expense for ground transportation.


Itineraries have been transferred to the Google Doc:

Presentations, shareables & recordings

Speaker Shareable Recording
catlee RelEng 2014: present and future Not recorded
aki Merge day notes Merge day, train model & repos
dustin SSH with Multi-Factor Auth Not recorded
hwine Docs & knowledge transfer: stickies & slides Documentation conversations (recorded halfway)
coop ReleaseEngineering/Interns & Intern projects Not recorded
jonasf Taskcluster etherpad TaskCluster presentation and discussions
coop Platform Support 2014 Platform Support
laura What's needed to kill buildduty? Deprecate Buildduty discussions (skip to min. X)
Callek SlaveLoan tool diagrams: 1, 2, 3 & 4 Slave loan tool
pmoore Mobile testing: part 1, part 2 & part 3 Releng Mobile 2014 test infra
bhearsum Release documentation, Ship It Release process and automation
mgerva N/A WebUI improvements to ShipIt
dustin Openstack Slides OpenStack/automated provisioning
catlee/rail No shareables AWS setup for releng 2014
aki/jlund Mozharness examples Mozharness (audio issues on first few mins)
mshal Three Reasons I Wrote Tup Video Presentation
dustin RelengAPI RelengAPI
catlee/laura Main doc & Notes Strategy
jmaher etherpad Keystone: releng bottlenecks
nthomas Balrog Updates! AUS & Balrog
simone Tooltool ToolTool
bhearsum Jacuzzis
bkero hg.m.o and gitmo presentation Video editing needed. Upon request from releng.
uberj n/a Inventory
dustin Releng Cluster mana page Relengweb cluster hosts (Audio fixed in min. 8)
markco n/a Windows Configuration and Management
armenzg Releng/A-team notes Releng/A-Team needs
dustin PuppetAgain Mana page PuppetAgain
kmoir Mac in Cloud mac in the cloud

Tips and tricks

Speaker Recording
catlee Vim tricks
jlund TaskWarrior