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mmucci, whimboo, ato, maja_zf, AutomatedTester



puppeteer-alpha progress

mmucci reports that the we're in really good shape, ahead of schedule. There is some slack built-up, which is good in case extra work comes up as we investigate.


Q&A about contingency, reserve

[Starts at 00'03" in the recording.]

  • Difference between backlog (0), contingency (0), reserve (n); why is contingency 0?
    • Backlog is 0 because all MVP bugs are either completed or in development. We had 2 contingency last week but those have been used up (for a total of 13 in MVP). All the remaining bugs are in reserve. They are not part of the MVP, they are considered as extra work in this milestone. They are available be worked on but they are not our focus for the MVP.
    • The two contingency bugs were picked from the reserve backlog as part of follow-up work.
    • Keep filing work, adding to reserve; keep picking up work as you see fit. You can swap reserve bugs for the remaining MVP bugs if you think some reserve bugs are a higher priority. Otherwise, prioritize MVP and then complete as many reserve bugs as you can.

Security review; shipping in Nightly

[Starts at 00'09" in the recording.]

  • One of the concerns mentioned last week ("known unknowns") was the security review
    • ato decided to declare the security review "done", since we've completed the follow-up work that came out of the security review, and we're not aware of any additional work to be done. We haven't heard back from the team doing the review, so ato has invited them to file follow-up bugs if any additional concerns come up.
    • In turn, the changes to make the remote agent actually ship in the Nightly channel have also been submitted.

Fission update

[Starts at 00'11" in the recording.]

  • whimboo and maja_zf met with ochameau to get advice on using JSWindowActors in the remote agent
    • ochameau strongly recommends that we use JSWindowActors as soon as possible for our content work.
    • whimboo has gotten ochameau's WIP patch working ( and it makes certain things with frames easier. Without JSWindowActors

you have to write more JS to keep track of frame+browsing context life cycle, and it would have to be rewritten to work with Fission anyway.

    • Best options: either use JSWindowActors now or wait until Q1 to implement support for multiple frames.
    • ato agrees with those options. No point in writing alternative solution now only to rewrite in a couple of months.
  • It's unclear whether frameAttached and frameDetached block gutenberg now, so will prioritize other work first. If we learn they are a blocker, adjust priorities. Otherwise, this will be one of the first things to work on in January.
  • whimboo: Biggest challenge so far is that parent actor and child actor get attached only once, but we support multiple connections but each connection has to communicate with a single parent actor. Need some global handler to figure out which communication goes to which actor.

Redesigning command-line flags

[Starts at 00'24" in the recording.]

Flags are confusing already, and we might want to bake in some flexibility in anticipation of likely future use cases.

See bug comment for details about above concerns:

Input from Logmein

[Starts at 00'33" in the recording.]

whimboo is going to get information about Puppeteer usage and priorities from Logmein. The discussion will take place on a mailing list; subscription link has been sent to the team.

Typically, we have one Mozilla-wide mailing list per external company.

Protecting internal methods

[Starts at 00'35" in the recording.]

Nothing prevents a client for using an "internal" method. We need schema validation or a blacklist. For now, filter out underscore methods.

Decisions about MVP priorities

[Starts at 00'51" in the recording.]

Team members should feel free to decide what is high priority as they see fit, as soon as new information comes to light. Update bugs accordingly. No need to wait or ask for permission.

Collaboration Feedback

[Starts at 00'54" in the recording.]

Calling out pros (mostly) and cons of our new style of prioritizing and tracking work.

Discussion for next meeting: Q1 2020

  • Fission work
  • Schema validation: initial planning in Q1. To be tackled later, possibly by an Outreachy participant. Likely in Rust, need to consider questions like dealing branching, backwards compatibility versus breaking changes, expanding the protocol.


Full recording of the meeting can be viewed here:


Status of Milestone 1

  • Last week: 63 Total; 47 Open (74.6%); 16 Resolved (25.4%); 0 Verified (0%)
  • This week: 75 Total; 50 Open (66.67%); 25 Resolved (33.33%); 0 Verified (0%); (including alpha-reserved)




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PTO (🍂)

  • ato away Wednesday 27th November and Thursday 5th December