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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Mozilla Reps program, guiding MozReps on how to attend, participate in and/or organize an event. Info and instructions get regularly updated. Help us expand and polish this SOP by editing it! Check SOP on creating SOP if you are not sure how to do that.

Identify different possibilities of Mozilla Participation

Initially you should consider all the possible ways of participation and representation of Mozilla in the particular event. Those might include: Booth, Talk, Lighting Talk, Workshop, Guerilla Activities, Mere attendance, Flash Mob, Sponsorship, Volunteering etc. Of course if you come up with a cooler idea do not hesitate to set that in motion! Remember, Mozilla Reps are aiming to spread the word (and love!) about Mozilla in as many events as possible, but if you are not sure if an event fits the Mozilla scope make sure you ask your Mentor or Regional Coordinator.

Requesting a speaker from Mozilla

If you want to request a speaker from Mozilla to give a talk at your event, please make sure to make a formal request here.

Create an event page

  • Login to ReMo and go to the Events page.
  • Click on top right "Create event"
  • Fill out all information to the best of your knowledge :)
  • Press top right "Save event"
  • You are done! Now go check out Events page. It will have your event listed alongside the other awesome ReMo events!

Swag and Budget

Time for planning on some practicalities. In coordination with the rest of your event team (those planning to participate with you), you need to determine possible swag and budget needed. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance on that by you Regional Coordinator. Also make sure you file the appropriate bugs well before the event, so you can have your swag and budget when you need them.

Use the appropriate forms to request Swag or Budget (if you have access) or ask a Resource Rep to file a request for you.

Final Week check list

Make sure that 3-4 days before the event you have an updated wiki page , stating each participants responsibilities and checking you are all set for the "items to bring". Remember to update your wiki page with all the latest info even during the event. It is your planning hub! If you are having guest Mozillians arriving on your event, make sure you have all the travel info and facilitate them on all their needs. You will be a traveling Mozillian someday, so be excellent to each other :)

During the event

It is show time! As the event owner you are solely responsible for the Mozilla presence on the event, so please make sure everything run as planned and you activities run smoothly. Also check the SOP on how to set up a booth and tips on giving a Mozilla talk. As always have a lot of fun, with your fellow Mozilla Reps and Mozillians in general, and show the world what a Mozillian stands for!

Reporting back

You are exhausted. The event was tons of fun and Mozilla rocked the place. We are sure about that! But your fellow MozReps eagerly await to learn more about your presence there. When things calm down, make sure you write a blogpost about the event and Mozilla participation, and include some photos! Announce your post on our mailing list so everyone knows how you rocked! Encourage the other participants to do the same. Finally make sure the event's page is updated (and links to your posts).

Problem? Sometimes things do not work out as planned. It's normal and there's really no need to be frustrated :) If you stumble upon any problem, mishap or you need general assistance or guidance, make sure you contact you mentor or your regional coordinator. They will be more than happy to help you! (thats why they are there!)