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The objective of this page is to document standards to be used for SEO @ Mozilla and beyond in regards to more technical implementations of open web standards & SEO.


A short list to start with for search results optimizing your pages:

  • Good, relevant, original content
  • Semantic Markup
    • HTML5 heading, paragraph, article, section elements etc.
    • microformats for mentions of people, events (e.g. see Events markup), reviews.


Don't bother wasting time with:

  • meta keywords - invisible to users, and ignored by search engines since 2001 (e.g. official post by Matt Cutts of Google). Unfortunately there's a lot of obsolete SEO dogma on the web that incorrectly recommends use of met keywords.
  • meta tags in general - aside from (meta description), there are no known current positive effects of meta tags so they just waste space. Similar problem re: obsolete SEO dogma.
  • RDF in HTML - anything in HTML comments is also ignored by search engines and thus is a waste of page space.
  • presentational markup - use CSS instead.


Questions about use of standards for SEO:

  • ...

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