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Content Sandboxing

e10s on B2G and Desktop
  • Windows (Bob)
    • bug 1151785 - webgl test failure on WinXP - not to do with low integrity, so not looking at this at the moment
    • bug 1151767 - Change the default Windows content sandbox to low integrity. - landed, with post to dev-platform. In today's Nightly.
    • bug 1158773 - Printing breaks with sandbox and UAC turned off - up for review
    • bug 1158849 - Thumbnail content process on Windows is being sandboxed by mistake - landed and asked for uplift
    • bug 1150515 - sandbox on WinXP 64-bit - landed, will ask for uplift (affects all process types)

GMP Sandboxing

  • WebRTC/OpenH264 Sandboxing (gcp)
    • Debugging try failures
    • MediaManager changes for PBackground init