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One Sync Team moving forward.

AI: Jen move Sequence to just Sync

Sequence Review

  • Death to Unknown Error
    • Call it done and capture what is left over.
  • Sync Setup Improvements
    • the Home Tab part won't work
    • Continuing with finishing the mobile pieces despite
  • Syncorro
    • In progress, new owner
  • Push to Device
    • Slowed by UX, but Limi jumping in on UX help
    • Not aiming for FF10 Aurora merge
    • Security design review needs to be scheduled
  • Favicon Sync
    • rnewman back on it today
    • Working on places changes by EOW next week
    • Actual favicon sync in an add-on?
  • Add-on Sync
    • Implemented
    • Needs reviews from PM and UX.
    • AI: Jen get this set up
  • Native Fennec Sync client
    • Right at the top. jvoll responsible. rnewman should be involved.

Inbox Review

See the Inbox for updates.