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Webinar experiment -> it's real now
While the Mozilla Reps program is open to all, becoming a Mozilla Reps involves a short but rigorous application process to make sure those interested are motivated and ready to take on a leadership role within the Mozilla community.
= Experiment with Webinar =In the second half of 2016 we came to the edges of our possibilities to assign all new Reps to new mentors and having a quality onboarding experience. We are right now working on currently using a Webinar experiment to make the on-boarding part easier, as well as working on Coaching materials and new coaching training to on-board new coaches. '''This process is currently in place and being tested. The Webinar experiment turned out to be a success, therefore this is not completely done, you can track it's progress in the [https://githubcurrent standard approach for all new GitHub issue].''' == Hypothesis ==
* With a common Webinar we can reuse material used for on-boarding and educate Reps about the Reps Program and responsibilities

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