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Project Fission

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Enabling Fission: Fix instructions
= Enabling Fission =
Fission is only supported in the Firefox Nightly channel and requires WebRender be enabled.!
1. How to enable Fission: # Enable the “fission''"fission.autostart” autostart"'' and “gfx''"gfx.webrender.all” all"'' prefs in Nightly. Do not change mess with any other “fission''"fission.*"'' or ''"gfx.webrender.*"'' prefs!2. # Restart Nightly.2# Fission should now be enabled. You can To verify Fission is it's enabled by looking , mouse over a tab and look for "[F]" (i.e. Fission) in the page title tab's tooltip when you mouse over a tabpopup.# When Fission is enabled, you can open a non-Fission window using the “File "File > New Non-Fission Window” Window" menu item. This is handy for testing whether a bug is specific to Fission or not.# To disable Fission, reset the “fission''"fission.autostart” pref autostart"'' and ''"gfx.webrender.all"'' prefs to “false” ''"false"'' and restart Nightly.
= Milestones =

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