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During the first half of this year, alongside growing Firefox and new technology and product areas, we are undertaking a number of interrelated special projects that will help shape where Mozilla is headed and connect the energies of our diverse, global community.

The whole picture

Strategy projects and layers.png


To situate these projects, we need to understand what is in place today:

  1. The Mozilla Manifesto -- principles that articulate our vision for the Internet.
  1. Mozilla’s Mission -- our purpose and primary objectives.

Both of these are enduring, not time-bound and driven by our core beliefs. They are also at quite a high level of abstraction -- many different directions, strategies and projects can fit underneath them.

We also have overall and product strategies and goals that are generally updated each year with objectives each quarter.

6 special projects to help shape where Mozilla is headed

In the first half of 2017 we are adding to these with a few projects that will increase clarity about who we are, how we work together, what we are focusing on, and key strategies we will employ.

1) True North - a tangible, actionable bridge between our collective long-term, enduring core beliefs as laid out in the Mission, Vision, and Manifesto and our immediate product strategy

2) Mozilla’s Worldview - an articulation of aspects of Mozilla that identifies who we already are and how we work together, but that aren’t clearly articulated in the Mozilla Manifesto

3) Mozilla Corporation (MoCo) Open Innovation Strategy - recommendations for how MoCo can better invest in and execute on being “open” in our products and technologies

4) Community Participation Guidelines v2 - a vision for how diverse people will participate in Mozilla’s communities, along with behavioral expectations, processes to raise concerns, and consequences for unacceptable behavior

5) Diversity and Inclusion for Community Participation Strategy - a set of priorities for the next 2-3 years on how we will improve practices in communities to create a truly open and inclusive Mozilla where a diversity of contributors can thrive and grow to their full potential

5) Membership Model exploration - evaluating if a membership model, premium services or philanthropic models are viable for creating deeper engagement with users around our core issues, delivering long-term value to our users and delivering financial sustainability to Mozilla

How you can be involved

Broad participation by diverse Mozillians in all of these projects is important. This includes having a good mix of volunteer contributors and collaborators. Here’s how you can be involved in any or all of these projects:

A) Contribute to research: You will soon receive an email from Ruben Martin (some of you know him as Nukeador) inviting you to participate in research about our communities and contributors. Please complete the survey contained in that email as it is a big part of the Open Innovation project.

B) Engage directly: Follow the links above to each project to understand how to get involved. Each is set up a bit differently.

C) Join the conversation: Subscribe to “Watching” the Mozillians category on Discourse (see the drop-down icon in the top right corner directly under the menu bar). We will be hosting a number of conversations there in the coming weeks, and it is the place where updates will be posted.

Communities Advisory Group

Consider applying to be part of the Communities Advisory Group of ~20 volunteer Mozillians, a group we are assembling specifically to engage with this set of projects (it will be dissolved afterward).

Requirements for applicants

  • willing and able to spend about 10 hours a month for the next few months to be more regularly and deeply consulted on these projects (reading materials along with synchronous and asynchronous interactions)
  • some experience and skill in contributing to strategic topics and conversations
  • passion for Mozilla and being part of shaping its overall direction

Criteria for selection We are looking to compose a group with a diversity of perspectives. In particular, we will seek a balance between gender identities, geographical locations and languages, areas of involvement in Mozilla, professional background and longevity of involvement.

In addition, we will evaluate applications based on:

  • experience in organizational or product strategy
  • experience relevant to the strategy projects currently being undertaken
  • demonstration of a high level of thinking about the issues facing Mozilla
  • commitment to Mozilla

Applications are due by May 5th.

Fill out this form to apply.