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IMPORTANT NOTICE : The FSA program is now set to transition to Campus Clubs

A new program is coming to campuses this September that is aligned with the existing Mozilla Clubs structure and will provide a unified model for participation on campuses around the world.

Mozilla Campus Clubs will be replacing the FSA program and so we won’t be accepting any new Firefox Student Ambassadors. The listed FSA Activities won’t be carried any more. You can find more information about the future of the program in this post, where you can also leave your questions.

Learn more about the Campus Clubs at:

About | Structure | Join | Activities | Contact |

The Club Lead Training (CLT) is the training program designed for FSAs who wish to become Club Leads/ FSAs who are newly elected Club Leads to increase their understanding of the program as well as their ability to be leaders within the club (and community). Club Leads are expected to share what they have learned in this training to their club members.

This shall be administered by the global FSA Club Development Team and be held online. RALs may create a local version of the training, but they must coordinate with the Club Dev't Team on the CLT Evaluation Exam.

The CLT modules shall be made publicly available on the FSA wiki. However, only those who are officially taking it (those who signed up) shall be sent with the link to the CLT Evaluation Exam Form.

The CLT shall be run in waves. This is to organize applications by batches. The FSAEB shall set and release the schedule of the CLT waves.

Who should take the CLT?

  • FSAs who wish to establish a club in their school
  • CL-elect for the upcoming term

What is the requirement to take the CLT?


The CLT Modules can be accessed here: FSA Club Lead Training Modules

  • Part I: Introduction
    • Overview of Mozilla and the FSA program
  • Part II: Speaking About Mozilla
    • Everything you need to know in speaking about anything Mozilla
  • Part III: Handling Your Firefox Club
    • FC structure, managing your FC, leading projects


  • The CLT shall be run in waves. This is to organize applications by batches. The Club Dev't Team shall set and release the schedule of the CLT waves.
  • The schedule shall include:
    • The start date of the wave where the CLT Wave Sign-up Form shall be released and closed.
    • The date where the the evaluation exam for the wave shall be released and closed.
    • Office hours.
      • Office hours shall be held depending on the schedule of the trainers.
  • FSAs who miss the deadline shall have to sign up again for the next wave.

May Wave

May 9- CLT sign-up form opens.
May 21- May wave sign-up form closes.
May 25- CLT Eval Exam for the May wave closes.
May 31- Start of sending out the CLT results.

April Wave

April 10- CLT sign-up form opens.
April 20- April wave sign-up form closes.
April 25- CLT Eval Exam for the April wave closes.
April 30- Start of sending out the CLT results.

March Wave

March 7- CLT sign-up form opens.
March 17- March wave sign-up form closes.
March 23- CLT Eval Exam for the March wave closes.
March 28- Start of sending out the CLT results.

February Wave

February 5- CLT sign-up form opens.
February 19- February wave sign-up form closes.
February 21- CLT Eval Exam for the February wave closes.
February 26- Start of sending out the CLT results.

Forms will close at 2359H UTC (11:59PM UTC). Please mind the timezone.


Step 1: Sign-up

The aspiring Club Lead/ the Club Lead-elect shall fill out the form to register to the ongoing CLT wave and start the training. The link to the exam will be sent only to those who signed up. Sign-up here: CLT Sign-up Form

NOTE: This form is for all the Club Lead Trainees now, including CL-elects and those who took the old Club Lead Training before Oct. 2014.

Step 2: Undergo the CLT

Step 3: Take the CLT Evaluation Exam

The CLT Evaluation Exam shall be released to those who signed up. The CLT Eval Exam will focus more on open ended and essay-type of questions other than multiple choice/ definition ones.

Step 4: Wait for the results

The EB reviews the evaluation exam answers. Dozens of answers shall be reviewed, hence, it will take some time. We appreciate your patience regarding this.

The criteria for evaluating shall be as follows:

  • Knowledge of Mozilla, their local Mozilla community and the FSA program
  • Understanding of the CLT modules (Points will be deducted when a trainee copied in verbatim the things that are written in the CLT modules)
  • Plans as a CLub Lead
  • Understanding of the leadership role
  • Experience as an FSA

Step 5: Get the results

The EB releases the results of the evaluation. The results can be:

  • PASSED- The trainee met all qualifications to become a Club Lead and shall be sent with the link to the Club Registration Form.
  • RETAKE ON THE NEXT WAVE- The trainee didn't meet some qualifications. They need to take the CLT on the next wave again.
  • NEEDS EXPERIENCE AS AN FSA FIRST- The trainee lacks knowledge about Mozilla and the FSA program. He/she didn't provide links showing his/her activities as an FSA. Retake the CLT again when sufficient experience as an FSA has been gained.

Step 6: Club Registration

Official Club Leads will be sent with the link to the Club Registration Form. After signing up, the Club Dev't Team shall be creating a Wiki page for the club and will notify the lead when it is up.

SPECIAL ITEM: Transitioning due to the FSA Restructure

To transition from the old FSA program to the new one, all Club Leads who took the old Club Lead Training (CLT before Oct. 2014) shall take the new CLT again.

  • As you have been appointed before Oct. 2014, the result of the exam will not affect your standing as a Club Lead (e.g. you will not be removed from your position if you did not give satisfactory answers) but the registration of your club will depend on this.
  • Those who not did not register their club via the new CLT process shall be deemed as an inactive club and shall be deleted.

The new CLT contains a lot of updated information, that supersedes the old CLT, hence we deem this procedure necessary.

How to Ask Questions about the Training

  • Email: firefoxstudents[at]mozilla[dot]com
  • Twitter: @mozstudents
  • IRC: #firefoxstudents