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Maker Party


  • Maker Party is Mozilla's global campaign to teach the web.
  • Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic web users with hands-on learning and making.
  • The goal of a Maker Party is to learn and teach the web everywhere! Be creative: why not teach a shepherd, a taxi drive, a librarian or your neighbor?

Learn. Make. Celebrate.

Maker Party is an event to:

  • help people in using the web to making the web
  • teach web literacy through hands-on making
  • raise awareness about the power of the citizenship, mechanics and culture of the open web
  • help others get involved in Mozilla's mission to foster the open web

What's New in Maker Party 2014

Optimal size and preparation

Consider 2-5 participants as a minimum. 10-30 people is optimal. In some locations, where space is available, you could consider hosting 50-200 max.

Guides for differently sized Maker Parties:

Note: To host a simple and successful maker party venue is not an issue. All you need is a group people, computer and internet. Even, Computer and internet is not available you can still host with lo-fi&no-fi resources. You also don't need budget or swag for the event to be a success!


Consider putting a small team together to help run the event with you. Some recommended roles to split between you are:

  • event organizer (logistics)
  • event facilitator (mentor)
  • partner organizations

Staff involvement

  • Not needed!

Steps to produce


  1. Create event in our Event System.
  2. Inform via community mailing list and social media using the tag #makerparty. Also, think of places outside the Mozilla community where web enthusiasts might be found: schools, universities, meetups, co-working spaces or hacker spaces
  3. Find location which is easy to access via walking/public transport, probably center of city/ nearby location of few community members
  4. Finalize the planning, confirm location with owner
  5. Publish event detail in mailing list/IRC/Social Media Communication - Facebook,Twitter, etc (see below)
  6. Add a bit of decoration before event if the owner is OK.
  7. Have a great Maker Party starting by welcoming all attendees. (see below)
  8. Report back!

Note : If you need any help or assistance reach out to any of Webmaker Super Mentors in your region.

Swag request

  1. Create event in our Event System and then request swag with this form.

Agenda & fellow mentors

For agenda ideas, see:

  • Small. 15min - 1 hour duration
  • Medium. 2 hours - 1 day duration
  • Large. 1 - 2 days duration

And also browse these great resources and activities.

Note : Many a times Maker Party starts with introduction to Webmaker tools. This make participants to see Webmaker JUST as a way to learn webmaking. Once they reach expertise level they stop contributing to webmaker. To improve sustainability , it is best to start the event by explaining the mission and need for Mozilla to come up with webmaker !

Spreading the word


  • Tweet for the event! #makerparty
  • Announce on community Facebook page
  • Consider posting posters and announcements on local communities and universities, colleges.


Assets can be found at:

During the event

Arrive at the event venue at least an hour before. Make sure that you have enough space allocated for you by the venue. Inform them with the basics of the event. Welcome everyone as they come, and make sure that everyone knows each other. Consider having name tags available. Start with some latest news on Mozilla and gradually identify the interests of the group and shift focus on those. Take notes! If you do not know the answer on something, write it down and follow up via email.

Wrap-up & reimbursements

Make sure that you do any follow ups after the event. Maybe plan the next party or invite your participants to host their own Maker Party!

Report back

Once the event is over, report back as soon as possible. Your fellow Student Ambassadors are eager to know what happened!

Use these great resources to share what you did:


  • Make sure to update the event page of the event with photos, posts, and links.
  • Also cross-post on Discourse and connect with other Maker Party hosts around the world.


Local Media

Make sure to update all the communication channels you used during promotion with the outcomes of the event.

Regional Communities

Best way to follow up with them is to cc them in your report to reps-general. They also love pictures!


Example Events

Additional Resources

Find more FSA activities and resources here.