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Swag Information

Starting August 2015, the swag request will only be open to Regional Leads, Ambassadors of Trainee levels or higher, and those who gained special approval from E-Board. If you're a Trainee or higher, please proceed!

Are you hosting an event and need swag? You're at the right place! Follow each step to learn more and to move forward with next steps. Read everything carefully. Not doing so may disqualify your request(s) in the future.

Step 1: Understanding Swag Rules

We are so appreciative of your efforts in hosting Firefox-related events and we want to support you! But keep in mind that we have a limited amount of swag to give out each month (they're pricey!); therefore, we are very strict on the approval of swag requests. Read the rules below to see how this works:

  • Only events with an expected attendance of over 20 people are allowed to acquire swag. Please be honest! Remember that Firefox Student Ambassadors are purposed with a mission, not simply to hand out free items.
  • Only students registered in the program and Regional Ambassador Leads are allowed to use this request process.
  • Swag requests are reviewed the last week of every month and processed the first week of every month by the FSA E-Board.
  • It can take up to 4 weeks for swag to be processed and shipped.
  • Oftentimes swag items you request may be out of stock. It will be shipped separately from your package when it is back in stock.
  • You must plan your event in details and ahead of time in order to receive the swag on time. No last minute swag shipment will be granted.
  • We may ask for more details or proof of event planning so be ready!
  • All events that are approved for swag will be asked to submit a follow-up blog post after their event has occurred documenting what happened, who/how many attended, and with photos.

Step 2: Determine Event Level

There are different levels to each event. The amount and kinds of swag you receive will depend on your level. Please keep in mind that as of now, we DO NOT give out Firefox t-shirts are they are expensive to produce and deliver. Please do not request.

Swag we do provide include bracelets, buttons, lanyards, stickers, glasses, etc. Each level has a pre-determined swag package. Individual items request is not available. See below to determine your event level!

Level 1

  • A university/college event (open only to students of your school)
  • Small expected attendance: 20-50 people

Level 2

  • Student event (open to students of any school)
  • Medium expected attendance: 50-100 people

Level 3

  • Community event (open to anyone in your local community)
  • Large expected attendance: 100-200 people

Level 4

  • Regional event (open to anyone in your region)
  • Huge expected attendance: 200+

Any Level 4 event must submit a proposal to FSA E-Board that includes budget and swag needs. Send to titled "Level 4 Event Proposal: -Name of Event-".

Step 3: Submit Your Swag Request

All trainees or higher would have received a special form to receive swag. Thank you.

You will be asked questions so provide lots of details! The more well-planned an event is, the more likely it will be accepted for sponsorship.