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Rank Article Status Notes
002 How to set the home page Needs Update Add a link to the article about malware in a new troubleshooting section
003 Private Browsing Updated
006 How do I customize the toolbars? Needs Update Add a link to the article about malware in the troubleshooting section
004 Updating Firefox Updated
007 Customizing Firefox with add-ons Needs Update Add a link to the article about malware in the troubleshooting section
008 Clear Recent History Updated
012 Pop-up blocker In Progress reference to the Firefox logo, add a link to the article about malware in the troubleshooting section Discussion forum thread about malware
022 Keyboard shortcuts In Progress added missing shortcuts and comments, some are fx35 specific, added a ref. to the Customized Shortcuts extension
023 Firefox crashes Needs Update Simplify the article, add a link to the article about malware
032 Menu bar is missing Updated
031 Importing favorites and other data from Internet Explorer Needs Update Need to remove saved form history and passwords for IE8+
024 Backing up and restoring bookmarks Needs Update backing up to removable media, add link to the article about bookmarks, should probably direct people to use Sync.
029 Firefox does not ask to save tabs and windows on exit In Progress Be more accurate for incorrect settings in Firefox 3.6
034 Troubleshooting extensions and themes Updated
048 Using themes with Firefox Needs Update Remove pre 3.6 info, update menus, focus more on Personas
044 Options window - Security panel Updated
043 Backing up your information Needs Update This article could be re-written and re-named. Instead of backing up your profile it should probably direct people to use Sync.
047 Opening PDF files within Firefox Needs Update Needs to be updated for fx4+, Mac add-ons don't work with fx4
062 Installing a previous version of Firefox Updated
071 Options window - Tabs panel Updated
072 Tabbed browsing Updated
058 Options window - Applications panel Updated
066 Lost Bookmarks Needs Update Cleanup, fix menu paths
046 Exporting bookmarks to an HTML file In Progress New screenshots, fix menu paths
030 Firefox hangs Needs Update Can we simplify this? Make it easier to understand?
060 Remembering passwords Needs Update Needs new screenshots. Maybe info about master password could be more prominent.
065 Firefox will not start Needs Update Update for win7, new screenshots, remove fx3 info, add a link to the article about malware, check to see if everything is still valid
103 Menu Reference Archive? If we don't archive this article it needs multiple updates.
070 Recovering important data from an old profile Needs Update Rethink this article? Use Sync instead?
059 JavaScript Needs Update New screenshots, adv options have changed
077 Installing Firefox on Mac Needs Update Needs a new screenshot
076 Importing bookmarks from Google Chrome In Progress Updates for Chrome 12 and fx4
063 Uninstalling Firefox Needs Update update for new OSs, Mac and Linux should have you find profile before uninstalling
082 Search bar In Progress New screenshots, remove fx3 tags, add Bing, no glow in fx4
074 Username and password not remembered Needs Update Remove fx3, fix for fx4+, cleanup
087 Navigation Toolbar items Needs Update Update for fx4+
090 Bookmarks Toolbar Needs Update Screenshots and updates for Fx4+
061 Page Zoom Needs Update New menu paths
091 What is plugin-container Needs Update Update for Mac
078 Firefox cannot load websites but other programs can Needs Update remove fx35 specific content, cleanup
102 Installing Firefox on Windows Needs Update New screenshots, screencast
100 Downloads window Needs Update New screenshots, menu paths
126 Personas Needs Update New screenshots, remove fx3 and 3.5 stuff
086 Firefox crashes when you open it Needs Update Cleanup, are all causes still valid?
085 Unable to download or save files Needs Update Cleanup, are all causes still valid?
088 Text Zoom Archive? Merge with Page Zoom
055 Session Restore Updated
095 Sorting bookmarks Needs Update New screenshots, menu paths, remove sidebar info? Maybe rename to How do I organize my bookmarks? and include Bookmark Folders and Deleting Bookmarks.
097 Firefox crashes when loading certain pages Needs Update Cleanup, are all causes still valid?
099 Bookmark folders Archive? Add to Sorting Bookmarks and then archive
101 Websites say cookies are blocked Updated
104 Firefox has just updated tab shows each time you start Firefox Updated
109 Video or audio does not play Updated
107 Importing Bookmarks from an HTML File In Progress Screenshots and menu paths for fx4
106 Location bar search Needs Update Fx4 doesn't redirect to an URL for searches
174 Search suggestions Needs Update New screenshots
098 Deleting bookmarks Archive? Add to Sorting Bookmarks and then archive
108 What happened to the Bookmarks Toolbar? Archive? Maybe no longer needed since the creation of Common questions after updating Firefox
089 Finding your Firefox version In Progress Screenshot and menu path
093 Software Update Failed Updated
114 Using the RealPlayer plugin with Firefox Needs Update Menu paths for addon manager need to be updated
113 Using plugins with Firefox Needs Update Menu paths for addon manager need to be updated
120 Using the spell checker Needs Update New screenshot, menu paths, profile instructions
110 Is my Firefox problem a result of malware Updated
125 Managing file types Updated
122 Importing Internet Explorer Favorites from another computer In Progress Updates for IE9 and fx4+
079 Warning Unresponsive script Needs Update Section about addon needs to be updated or deleted
127 Blocking cookies Updated
132 Changing the e-mail program used by Firefox Updated
149 Disabling third party cookies Needs Update Should mention Do Not Track
117 High memory usage Needs Update Give more tools and tips to help troubleshoot
157 Using extensions with Firefox Archive? This article covers the same topic as Customizing Firefox with add-ons
138 Changing fonts and colors Archive? This info is covered in Options Window - Content panel. Maybe add the right keywords and summary to that?
153 Multiple tabs open when starting Firefox Needs Update Remove the Main panel for fx35
141 Firefox consumes a lot of CPU resources Needs Update Needs multiple updates
124 Clearing Location bar history Updated
133 Page Info window In Progress Updates for fx4, greatly simplified
119 No sound in Firefox Needs Update Menu paths, Win7 instructions
154 Unable to install add-ons Needs Update Menu paths, Can this be simplified?
140 Creating a desktop shortcut to a web page Needs Update New screenshot
139 Printing a web page Needs Update Menu paths, cleanup
142 How to clear Search bar history Needs Update New screenshots
160 Cannot log in to websites In Progress Multiple updates, remove fx3 content
146 Images or animations do not show Archive? Do people really have this issue? If so, this needs multiple updates and to be simplified
151 Firefox is stuck in Safe Mode Needs Update Safe mode is different in fx4+
152 Exporting data to Safari Needs Update New screenshots, new menu paths
162 Exporting data to Internet Explorer Needs Update New screenshots, new menu paths
161 Websites look wrong Updated
178 Firefox keeps opening many tabs or windows Updated
158 Exporting bookmarks to Opera Needs Update New screenshots, new menu paths
148 How do I upgrade my graphics drivers? In Progress added instructions to update drivers on Ubuntu, a reference to the about:support page, a new After Upgrading Drivers fx4 section
167 Bookmark Tags Needs Update New screenshots, updates for fx4+
187 Configuring Norton 360 Needs Update Popular software that causes problems for Fx updated recently
182 Smart keywords Needs Update New screenshots
181 Mouse shortcuts Needs Update Some Mac (others?) shortcuts are incorrect
177 Firefox never finishes loading certain websites Archive? Should we archive this or redirect to is my problem caused by malware
180 No programs can load websites Archive? If no programs can load websites, how do you find this article?
171 Protecting stored passwords using a master password Needs Update New screenshots, cleanup
188 Form autocomplete entries are not saved Archive? Very few views for this - is it still an issue? If it is, it needs to be updated
183 Forgot my master password Needs Update New screenshots, Add warning about data loss
192 Searching within a page In Progress New screenshots, menu paths
195 Configuring McAfee Security Center Needs Update updates for latest version of McAfee
199 Viewing video in Firefox without a plugin Archive? People don't ask about how to play a video - only about issues when it doesn't work
081 Uninstalling add-ons Archive? All of the individual add-on articles talk about how to uninstall
198 Using the Troubleshooting Information page Archive? Instructions for this are included in relevant troubleshooting articles
019 Common questions after updating Firefox Updated
001 Plugin crash reports Updated
005 Using the Windows Media Player plugin with Firefox Updated
011 Getting started with Firefox Updated
010 How to clear the cache Updated
014 Profiles Updated
013 Enabling and disabling cookies Updated
015 window+-+General panel Options window - General panel Updated
017 How do I add a device to Firefox Sync? Updated
020 How do I use bookmarks? Updated
016 Options window - Advanced panel Updated
018 The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed Updated
021 How to make Firefox the default browser Updated
025 Deleting cookies Updated
028 How do I stop websites from tracking me? Updated
033 Options window - Content panel Updated
041 What are App Tabs? Updated
026 Managing the Flash plugin Updated
036 How do I sync Firefox between my desktop and mobile? Updated
035 The bookmarks and history system will not be functional Updated
040 Options window - Privacy panel Updated
050 What are Tab Groups? Updated
038 Error loading web sites Updated
039 Safe Mode Updated
037 Using the Java plugin with Firefox Updated
042 Basic Troubleshooting Updated
049 Back and forward or other toolbar items are missing Updated
051 Options window Updated
009 Firefox is slow Updated
052 Will Firefox work on my mobile device? Updated
027 Managing profiles Updated
045 Troubleshooting plugins Updated
053 How to sync Firefox settings between computers Updated
057 What happened to the Status Bar? Updated
067 Site Identity Button Updated
056 What is Firefox Sync? In Progress How much data is stored
064 Installing Firefox on Linux Updated
068 Location bar autocomplete Updated
073 Using the Adobe Reader plugin with Firefox Updated
075 Where can I find my Firefox Sync Key? Updated
069 How do I install the Flash plugin? Updated
080 Importing bookmarks and other data from other browsers Updated
083 Firefox is already running but is not responding Updated
084 Cookies Updated
094 What is the Add-on Bar? Updated
092 Form autocomplete Updated
096 Where can I find the code to add a device to Firefox Sync? Updated
105 Installing Firefox Updated
115 Secure Connection Failed Updated
111 Resetting preferences Updated
112 How do I set up Firefox Sync? Updated
116 Parental controls Updated
131 Firefox cannot connect securely because the SSL protocol is disabled Updated
136 Cannot connect after upgrading Firefox Updated
054 Firefox takes a long time to start up Updated
118 This connection is untrusted Updated
123 Problems using Facebook in Firefox Updated
121 Using the QuickTime plugin with Firefox Updated
128 Cannot uninstall an add-on Updated
130 Flash-based videos and sound do not play correctly Updated
129 Server not found Updated
134 Firewalls Updated
135 Using the Silverlight plugin with Firefox Updated
137 Toolbar keeps resetting Updated
144 Searches are redirected to another site Updated
145 Setting Firefox as the default browser does not work Updated
143 Getting started with Firefox for mobile Updated
150 Bookmarks not saved Updated
155 How do I install Firefox on a mobile device? Updated
147 Firefox Sync is not working Updated
156 Fonts look blurry Updated
159 Accessibility Updated
164 Firefox crashes when trying to download a file Updated
165 Preferences are not saved Updated
163 Cannot view full screen Flash videos Updated
166 Configuring Windows Firewall Updated
172 Why are tabs on top? Updated
170 How do I use the Awesome Screen? Updated
169 Firefox for mobile doesn't support Flash Updated
168 Cannot log in to Firefox Home App Updated
173 Could not initialize the browser security component Updated
176 Add-ons are disabled after updating Firefox Updated
175 What is Firefox Home Updated
179 New tabs do not appear to the right of the last tab Updated
186 How to set up Firefox Home on your iPhone Updated
184 How do I use bookmarks on mobile? Updated
185 Firefox Home does not work Updated
189 How to use Firefox Home Updated
191 How do I use tabs on mobile? Updated
190 Choosing More Secure Passwords Updated
193 How do I zoom in and out of a website? Updated
194 Configuring McAfee Security Center Updated
197 Replace your Sync information Updated
196 How do I find and install Add-ons? Updated
195 How do I avoid crashes? Updated
200 Firefox does not work Updated
203 What are the mobile keyboard shortcuts? Updated
201 I've lost my phone — how do I deactivate Sync? Updated
202 The SwiftKey keyboard crashes when used with Firefox Updated
204 How do I stop websites from tracking me on mobile? Updated


Article Status Notes
Template:openprofilefolder Updated
Template:ReportBrokenWebsite In Progress Uses {for win7} and {for winxp} which aren't implemented yet
Template:UpdateProblems Needs Update Need to add the "Firefox is slow" article
Template:UpdateFlash Updated
Template:ImportHTMLBookmarks In Progress To be used in several articles
Template:OpenHistoryLibrary Updated
Template:aboutconfig Updated
Template:addcomputer Updated
Template:adddevices Updated
Template:adddevices-alt Updated
Template:addiphone Updated
Template:addmobiledevice Updated
Template:amo Updated
Template:backtoOptionsPreferences Updated
Template:changesyncpw Updated
Template:clearCookiesCache Updated
Template:closeFirefox Updated
Template:closeOptionsPreferences Updated
Template:computercode Updated
Template:contextmenu Updated
Template:crashsig Updated
Template:customhistory Updated
Template:ExportHTMLBookmarks Updated
Template:iphonecode Updated
Template:linuxPic Updated
Template:mobilecode Updated
Template:Only in Fx4 Updated
Template:Open Add-ons Updated
Template:OpenBookmarksLibrary Updated
Template:optionspreferences Updated
Template:plugincheck Updated
Template:profileFolder Updated
Template:safemode Updated
Template:synckey-note Updated
Template:syncsetup Updated
Template:Tracking Updated
Template:whatissynckey Updated

Start Pages

Article Status Notes
Home page - Quick Updated Left side. Contains: Template:Common Questions, Template:New to Firefox
Template:Common Questions Updated Contained in Home page - Quick
Template:New to Firefox Updated Contained in Home page - Quick
Home page - Explore Updated Main section. Contains: Template:Advanced topic, Template:Customizing Firefox topic, Template:Privacy & Security topic, Template:Troubleshooting topic, Template:Using Firefox topic
Template:Advanced topic Updated Contained in Home page - Explore
Template:Customizing Firefox topic Updated Contained in Home page - Explore
Template:Privacy & Security topic Updated Contained in Home page - Explore
Template:Troubleshooting topic Updated Contained in Home page - Explore
Template:Using Firefox topic Updated Contained in Home page - Explore
Home page - Top Updated When it has content, it's a warning message across the front page.
Desktop home for mobile - Common Questions Updated Mobile friendly version of Desktop home page
Mobile home - Quick Updated Left side
Mobile home - Explore Updated Main section. Contains: Template:Mobile explore 1, Template:Mobile explore 2
Template:Mobile explore 1 Updated Contained in Mobile home - Explore
Template:Mobile explore 2 Updated Contained in Mobile home - Explore
Mobile home for mobile - Common Questions Updated Mobile friendly version of Mobile home page
Sync home - Quick Updated Left side
Sync home - Explore Updated Main section. Contains: Template:Sync explore 1
Template:Sync explore 1 Updated Contained in Sync home - Explore, Sync home for mobile - Common Questions
Sync home for mobile - Common Questions Updated Mobile friendly version of Sync home page. Contains: Template:Sync explore 1
FxHome home - Quick Updated Left side
FxHome home - Explore Updated Main section. Contains: Template:fxhome explore 1
Template:fxhome explore 1 Updated Contained in FxHome home - Explore, FxHome home for mobile - Common Questions
FxHome home for mobile - Common Questions Updated Mobile friendly version of Fx Home home page. Contains: Template:fxhome explore 1


Article Status Notes
How do I get the orange Firefox Button? In Progress Needs screenshots, copy review
[URL ARTICLE] Needs Draft Notes