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Firefox 127 release information


The following information is intended for members of the Mozilla Support community for the purpose of supporting users in the Mozilla Support platform. Mozilla Support is a community of enthusiastic volunteers and employees trying to support Mozilla's users around the globe. You can join us by contributing through the following ways:

Content in this page is being updated periodically as we're rolling out the release.

What's new in Firefox 127

Firefox Desktop

Firefox auto-launch in Windows
Description: You can now set Firefox to automatically launch whenever you start or restart your Windows computer. Setting Firefox to auto-launch optimizes efficiency in our browser-centric digital routines, eliminating manual startup delays and facilitating immediate web access.
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KB article: KB Updated
Privacy-preserving attribution
Description: Ramping up privacy-preserving attribution (PPA) technology that can enable the attribution insights advertisers need to understand their campaign performance while preserving the privacy of our users within the Firefox browser. End users won't "see" any change, but can still opt out from the Settings page. Part of Ads' deliverables is to update the Firefox Settings with a checkbox and a link to the support page.
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KB article: New article
Ability to Close Duplicate Tabs
Description: It is now possible to close all duplicate tabs in a window with the Close duplicate tabs command available from the List all tabs widget in the tab bar or a tab context menu.
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OS authentication for passwords
Description: Users will have the option to enable OS authentication for passwords in about:preferences. This option already exists for credit cards. The feature was previously available in Nightly only but will be available on release in v127.
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Firefox for Android

"Recently saved" changed into "Bookmarks"
Description: In FX 127 on Android the homepage section currently labeled Recently Saved will be replaced with a section named Bookmarks.
  • Display in that new section the 8 (max) most recently saved bookmarks, most recent at left (previously the max was 5)
  • The new section labeled “Bookmarks” never disappears unless the user has no bookmarks (previously it disappear when there were no bookmarks in it)
  • The bookmarks within the section never disappear (previously they would disappear after some length of time)
  • In the Bookmarks section, the existing “Show all” link will open the existing Bookmarks Panel, with all bookmarks displayed, sort order remains business as usual
  • Update Settings for Homepage to reflect new “Bookmarks” section name
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KB articles: KB updated
Add `Passwords` into the main three-dot menu
Description: The three-dot menu has a new item: Passwords, placed between Downloads and Extensions
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Firefox for iOS

No content updates for v127

Known studies/experiments

Platform Studies/experiments Description

Release notes

Contributor discussions

Please refer to the following contributor forum threads to learn more about known issues and discuss with other contributors:

You can also join our Matrix channel to ask questions/join community discussion.

Stay updated

Apart from sharing release information, there are other ways to stay updated with product release and community updates:

  • Community call: We run a monthly community call (usually a week before Firefox release date). Check our schedule here and don't hesitate to join the call in person if you can!
  • Firefox pod meeting: If you’re an NDA’d contributor, you can watch the recording of our Firefox Pod Meeting from AirMozilla to catch up with the latest train release. You can also subscribe to the AirMozilla folder by clicking on the Subscribe button in the top-right corner of the page to get notifications each time we add a new recording.
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Heads up

Dot releases

Platform Version Release date Notable fixes
- - - -

Trending issue(s)

Platform Issue Known bug Fix/workaround
Desktop Dismissing Primary Password prompt prevents session restore Upgrade to 127.0.1 should fix the issue

Known incident(s)

Sollarwinds cookies are being rejected
Status: Resolved if Firefox updated to 127.0.1
Product(s) impacted: Firefox 127+ users
Associated bug:
Resolution/workaround: Resolved with Firefox 127.0.1 release
Firefox can't upgrade Windows users past 127.0
Status: Ongoing
Product(s) impacted: Firefox
Associated bug:
Resolution/workaround: Windows users with several versions of Firefox installed (e.g.: beta and release) may be unable to get release updated right away. A reboot of Windows is one known way to recover from this bug.


  • Release report (TBD)